Mconnect HD won't advance track

I am just getting started with Qobuz and Mconnect with my Bridge2 and I can’t get it to play past one track. I hit the > button and it just goes back to the beginning of the same track. I see others have had the same issues…no matter how the app is set-up it seems to keep doing that.

Update: seems it won’t advance in Tidal as well :(.

Any feedback PSA folks? @Paul :slight_smile:


Mconnect sucks!

Using Mconnect HD and Tidal, I need to select the tracks and put them in the Queue. From the Queue, I can play a track, advance to the next, and or shuffle.


I’d recommend trying out what @buuthanh recommends. I don’t often use MConnect Control, though when I do this is how I tend to handle playback. Seems to work without too much fuss.

I agree it’s an Mconnect issue but it’s annoying when I want to have music running the background during the day but have to add them all in cue. It is what it is I guess…

I’d dump Mconnect and Tidal, or keepTidal, but skip MQA. Qobuz sounds better anyway. I have both Tidal and Qobuz, streaming through Roon with excellent results.

I agree…demoing Qobuz right now for a month and will likely drop tidal…but don’t have a Roon core so will most likely go to Innuos as an all in one solution!

Anything other than Mconnect! LOL. I’m sure the Innuos solution will be world class!