mconnectControl skipping to next song randomly w/ Tidal & DSjr

Just got the DirectStream JR running Snowmass 2.0.1. Its hardwired to my network and works fine with my iPhone and iPad. However, sometimes when using mconnectControl app (2.4.11) for Tidal streaming it will skip to the next song while playing the current song. It’s random.
Is anyone else experiencing this???

I have before, while using Roon though. Sometimes logging out of tidal and logging back in worked for a while

I used to have skip/freeze/stutter issues, but not for a long while. Check if you have most recent versions of MConnect Control and Bridge II firmware.

Happened today using Audirvana.
Opened up the Tidal player and there was an update.
I haven’t checked it, but after the update I rebooted the laptop.
That has solved it every other time.
When I got the Qobuz Beta invite, I could not get it to do anything but play 30 seconds of each track. I emailed them and said I would wait as I have 2months coming from Audirvana.
I know they said they would be adding more files, but I know that there are things on Tidal that I don’t think will ever be on Qobuz.

I find that bubbleupnp works much better than mconnect. And with a better interface too. Maybe you should give it a go.

I want to correct myself. I have just read again your post and saw that you use iOS devices. Bubbleupnp is android. Sorry about the mix up

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I fixed the problem. I sold my house and moved into a new house with a new network and new router. New everything and the problem went away. Its network related and not a PS Audio or MconnectControl issue.

I think that’s probably the most aggressive fix I have ever heard of, but at least it’s all working!