Megan Burt and/or Fox Feather

Anybody have any thoughts on the recordings by Megan Burt and Fox Feather. They seem similar and was wondering if that is true and if there are pros and cons to each and iwhich might be paired better with “The Gasoline album and Clandestine …” ie forget the actual name of the artists.


Paired in what way? I have the Gasoline Lollipops and both Clandestine Amego albums. I like them all for different reasons but won’t necessarily listen to them back to back.
If you’re trying to take advantage of the Oct special I’d suggest buying what appeals to you without regard to how similar they are to anything else. I never heard of any of the artists before their Octave releases and pretty much decide within the first few seconds of listening to several tracks if I’m going to buy the album.
Your wants may be different than mine. Since I don’t build extended listening session playlists I don’t ever consider how well one will follow the other.
I’m a moody listener so need a lot of variety. I may like an album just fine but not be in the mood and not know till I start playing it. By that measure I’ve not been in the mood for the 1980’s for about 20 years…

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Well that is certainly a thought. It added absolutely no value to my question but I appreciate your passionate response which I took to be an arrogant insult. If my question is ignorant or naive, I apologize, but why the viserol nasty response? Please have some more whisky. No need to reply.

Anybody besides me keep seeing this thread’s title out of the corner of his eye as Megan Fox?


Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

We now return you to normally scheduled programmimg.

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I didn’t read it as nasty. :grinning:. But saying that… why don’t you clarify what you mean on your original post?


Hi @Backenst. Sorry I didn’t see this before. If I understand your question I would say Foxfeather is much more dynamic of a recording with a strong rhythm section than is Megan Burtt. Megan’s album rightfully features her gorgeous voice (which reminds me of Norah Jones), while Carly’s voice (from Foxfeather) more belts out tunes.

The Foxfeather album’s rhythm track was recorded live in a barn and later in the studio her vocals were added. In Megan’s case it was a much more refined and quiet effort of capturing nuance.

Hope that helps. Both are excellent recordings but each very different approaches.


Thank you Paul, that was very helpful.

Any time!

I’m sorry my comments came across as offensive and arrogant. That was certainly not my intent. Your question was not clear to me so I offered a perspective of how I approach the music in the hope that it would be helpful. Obviously not. I’m glad Paul was able provide the guidance you were looking for.


No worries, perhaps I was too sensitive. I appreciate your (and everyone’s) input and I have my answer. Really enjoy this forum and don’t want to ruffle any feathers.


Thankfully Octave lets you hear entire track on the album on their website, for the most part. This allows you to evaluate the entire album. I’ve listened to almost every offering and purchased several of them as a result. Quite simply, if it isn’t a recording I won’t listen too over and over, over time, I pass. I do the same thing on other labels, albeit typically through Amazon or Apple. My purchasing hasn’t slowed a bit either.

I find something I enjoy listening to and I purchase two to four albums from the artist. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. Othertimes I end up getting everything that is available from them.

Roon Radio costs me big time far too often. But it really seems to understand me. Tonight was no exception.

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Amen, Brother.

What a wonderful tool for exploring new music with familiar and unfamiliar artists…

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Ok I went with Megan Burt and it is very nice. In the thread above Paul talked about the music being nuanced with Norah Jones influences. On that I would absolutely agree with very nuanced especially with the male vocal joining in with Megan and the simmering cymbals in the back ground. I would counter Paul a bit where I do not think she sounds so much like Norah Jones although some of her arrangements of the songs do remind you of Norah. I am actually hearing some early Linda Rondstat and EmyLou Harris in some of the early country arrangements.

Well done Megan! And PS Audio!

Thanks for the comments! It is a great album (but she still reminds me or Norah). :blush:

@Paul I went ahead and also purchased the Fox Feather album and am hearing all the attributes you defined above BUT (dare I suggest) you may have mixed up the singers between FoxFeather and Megan Burtt as I am definitely hearing Norah Jones in the FoxFeather vocal especially the beginning of the song “Is this Real” as well as “24 Years.”

Anyway, am enjoying both of these albums and love the fact that PSAudio has a record label.

I’m don’t think, “Norah”, either, when listening to “Megan”.


Interesting, I just posted back that I think he is thinking of the Fox Feather singer who does sound like Norah Jones when she is soft, the first several lines of “Is this real” for example could definitely be Norah.

You may not want to post your email for bots and other unscrupulous critters to harvest.

She also sounds a lot like Madeline Peryoux especially in “End of My Rope.” In any event, very talented.