MG Audio Planus CU2 Series 2 XLR Interconnects, 1.5m (like new) [Sold]

SOLD: A pair of MG Audio Design CU2 1.5 meter balanced (XLR) interconnects in like new shape, per photo. Purchased at the end of last July, they were burned in and then I sold the dac they were being used with and put the cables back in bag and box. They are excellent ICs, not often seen on the used market, a reference level wire for those who do not like or cannot use or afford silver in their ICs. It gives the warmth and organic qualities of copper, with excellent tonal accuracy, low-level detail and a palpable soundstage presentation. Of the many ICs I’ve auditioned or owned under $2000, the CU’s are overall the second best to MG Audio’s own AG2S2. The CU2 version has a slightly different geometry compared to the original CU, and Series 2 means RF control (see thicker black banded sleeves on right side in photo) These are ribbon cables, so care in placement to keep them away from being stepped on is important.

They go for $1000 new with the optional Series 2 RF upgrade. I’m asking $550 Priority Mail included in the U.S. (ask for elsewhere). Add PayPal fee (or use family/friends). Check my feedback on Audiogon, Audio Mart, Audio Asylum, Audio Circle and Head-fi, and eBay (genegold99).

From Marvin Bolden’s review in StereoMojo of the original CU (2012):
"Switching out my reference Wywires interconnects for the MG Audio Planus CU brought a total surprise as the Planus CU showed my Wywires made female vocals bright. Also with the Planus CU, the placement of the vocals was properly placed in the sound stage and everything sounded more natural.

I loved the sound of the Planus CU in positions from source to preamp and preamp to amp. In my system, I found a balance that was pleasing to my ear when I put the Wywires at the source end as they provided a little more upper bass energy. Putting both pairs of Wywires back in place to make sure I was hearing right, there is more punch to the sound but the MG’s are just so damn smooth that you just sit back and close your eyes as the music flows."

Paul McGowan of PS Audio:
“My favorite cables are MG Audio Designs…”


I just registered for this site & saw your post. Are these ic’s still available?


Hmm…Thought I had updated all the ads to sold. Keep an eye on hi-fi shark or perhaps write to Lee and see if he has any returns or seconds around.