Minimum recommended volume setting for Directstream?


So maybe the better solution is to crank the preamp volume to max (+12dB) and thereafter adjust the volume on the DS rather than the opposite?


As long as that doesn’t mean that the DS’s volume ends up in, say, the 40’s.

Assuming nothing is perfect it’s hard to guess ahead of time which is imperfecter :slight_smile:


No chance for 40 with the low output levels of the DS.
I am close to 100 on several occasions.
The output level of the DS XLR output (without the -20dB attenuator engaged) is one of my bigger concerns…


About lowering the noise level, does Snowmass lowers the noise even more compared with Redcloud?

After I followed your advice, Att Off on DSj and volume set at 80, I set the integrated volume at 9 o’clock. Nice SPL for my taste for normal day listening.

Double checking the noise that came out from the tweeter, just noticed it about 40cm away from the speakers, therefore harmless.

This is a D) scenario, and a pretty good one!

No issue with dynamics (even if it was just in my head) with Att off, noise controlled with integrated volume fixed at 9 o’clock, and then making all the volume adjustments in DSj volume.

Now, late night here in Europe, listening at 50-55. Day, it will be around 80 precisely, and with a little enthusiasm 90 or 95. I just have to test if the 100 is enough for classical music. But, even if I conclude isn’t enough, I always can set the integrated volume, say, to 10 o’clock (adding a little more noise to the mix), just testing…

Many thanks @tedsmith .


Interesting thread.

I’m using xlr from the DS to the BHK Pre. Keep in mind using the balanced XLR provides more output than RCA. IIRC 3db.

It’s still early, but the Snowmass and Bridge updates have changed things, and now I’m not sure. Either way the sound is superb.