Missing a package?

Are you missing a package? It might just be here:

I saw that on the news last night. Modern day train robbers. Booo.

:astonished: oh!

Your post reminds me of a similar but different problem we had in our neighborhood. The solution clever but effective. We had individuals following UPS deliveries several years back in our neighborhood. This was prior to Amazon’s delivery service, and at the time the UPS deliveries were largely Amazon packages, and clearly marked as such. A crew would come by after the deliveries were made and pull packages off the doorstep, stoop or alcove. The neighborhood was upset to say the least, the police had better things to do, but they did on occasion post a squad car as a show of support. Clearly the crew spotted the patrol car and moved along, waiting for a better day.

Time moved along, packages disappeared and tempers flared. Several neighbors banded together and brainstormed. One recommended a community surveillance system whereby property owners installed their own cameras and provided video to the nNeighborhood association and police. Seemed rather labor intensive and pricey. This was prior to the popularity of the Ring camera and its ilk. One elderly women had a brilliant thought. Why no provide the thieves with a gift. The police were informed of the plan, Amazon cartons were repurposed. The cartons were filled with spent kitty litter. For some reason the thievery ended within the week. :wink:


I have seen a few videos of glitter bombs that work nicely for this issue. :grinning:

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“The police had better things to do”

Huh? Better things to do than police work?

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It is a matter of priorities, not difficult to understand. The point was the story and novel yet humorous solution. Oh, wait I forgot this is an audiophile salon.

Grand larceny not being a priority is indeed difficult to understand. What are these “more important things” that the police are so busy with?

Coincidentally a 2m Audioquest Thunder power cable I purchased was lost in the LA postal system last year. Luckily Paypal ruled in my favor and I got my money back.

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Let it go, you got your answer.

Yes, if the story is not believable then I will most certainly let it go.

An Amazon return has been showing “delayed” at the Ontario, CA UPS hub for 10 days now. Originally I thought it was a slowdown due to Covid absences, which has been a problem at some UPS hubs, but this article had me thinking of more sinister reasons. After contacting them yesterday, Amazon has gone ahead and processed the return without yet receiving the package. Whew :disappointed_relieved:

For years in Baltimore UPS has a pick up truck tailing their delivery trucks in certain neighborhoods to keep thieves from breaking into the back door while driver made deliveries.