Missing artwork

Hi everyone. I’m new here so be gentle.

I've just bought a second hand PWT and after a few initial issues with Internet I'm delighted with it.
The artwork and playlists are nice little features. Unfortunately I'm only getting artwork for about 90% of albums. I ALWAYS get track listings
Is there something obvious I'm missing? Is there a way of adding artwork on my playlist?
Thanks in advance

Welcome, TheDan!

Not all CDs, artwork and track lists are in the database. The 10% missing artwork you have experienced is because the art is not there to download.

Once you register your PWT on the PS Audio werbsite, go to MY PS and in the drop down menu choose Playlist. This will show all the CDs you have played since registering. By clicking on the artwork/placeholder you can upload the artwork you would like to display when you play this CD. You can also make track changes/corrections, as well as input complete information for CDs not in the database.

Thanks Elk. Done that stuff but don’t know how to upload artwork. Apologies, I’m English AND old.

I’m using an ipad BTW.

In Playlist, click on the title of the CD on the left side (above the words “play count”). A window will open containing a list of the tracks and the cover artwork. Click on what you want to modify (a track name or the cover art).

By clicking on the artwork/cover displayed you will get a button to “browse” your computer for the image file you want to load as the cover. Click on “Browse,” find the the file on your computer and click on it. The website will upload your cover art of choice from your computer.

CD cover artwork is easy to find on Amazon, albumartexchange.com, albumart.org, etc.

It is very easy once you have see how it works.

Mmmmm. Nope. Did all that. No option to browse. Ipad issue?

Yep. Doesn’t work on ipad. Shame but no massive deal.

That may be the case, Apple products often do not play well with others.

I do not have an iThingee of any type with which to check.