MK11 DAC will not power up


I unplugged my DAC and Transport to test out my new Sprout. When I plugged them back in only Transport powered up. I don’t think I remembered to turn units off with rear power switch when I unplugged them. I left DAC unplugged for a few hours then plugged it back in and flipped power switch in rear still nothing. Transport works fine. I read on forum it might be fuses. What should I do ?


this will show the 4 screws to be removed to remove the cover and check the TWO fuses.

disregard the rest of the info as it is for the upgrade process. you do NOT have to remove the felt ring if you have on. just the 4 screws.

let us know what you find.

before doing all this pls check that your wall outlet has power and that the power cable is fully inserted. also check if the PWD gets warm when turned on as that would mean it is working but the display is not.


I think he was asking which direction to put the new fuses in…


Welcome, deadhead2!

My guess as well is that it is fuses. I hope it is this simply to address.

It is easy to forget to turn off equipment with the switch when one is used to just leaving it on.


Always happy to meet a fellow Dead Head (assuming that’s what is intended). The fuses (two of them) are the small type, 1 amp slow-blow. You can find high quality fuses at places like or I’m not sure what the best way to test your existing fuses is unless yo have a multimeter (handy to have and you can get a basic one pretty cheap; if you have one, set it to test resistance, which should be close to zero if the fuse is good and out of range if the fuse is bad).


Thanks for the info I will have to wait till Thursday to check fuses but it sounds like I will not be able to tell if they are bad or not and I don’t have replacement fuses. I have been reading on forum about replacement fuses and there seems to be disagreement on what to replace them with. Since I loved the sound of original fuses where can I get those ? I might as well order a set now. This all started when I hooked up my Sprout so I could run my Technics SL-1300. The RCA connections at my NuWave phone converter were super sensitive picking up any bump so I was trying Sprout phone section to see if I had same problem. I didn’t. Black Friday release of Grateful Dead Hampton show on vinyl was test record when I get around to figuring out NuWave ripping I will be happy to burn you a copy. I hope it is just the fuses. Thanks for help I will let you know after I open it up Thursday. Perfect Wave Memory Player and DAC rocked I was very happy with the way they played my CD’S the only downside being a bad recording is going to sound even worse then on a lesser deck.


There may be other ways to test your fuses. For example, if you have an old fashioned flashlight bulb, connect it with a piece of wire to the battery with the fuse somewhere in the circuit (which you only need to complete long enough to see if the bulb lights up). I’m not sure what the original fuses were. They might have been Critical Link or Hi-Fi Tuning. For awhile I think the Hi-Fi Tuning Supremes were the favorite upgrade fuses but then the Synergistic Research fuses became more popular (first Quantum, then Red). They are not cheap. Any of the right sized after-market fuses would work (as would cheapo fuses from Radio Shack, for testing purposes). It looks like The Cable Company is no longer but rather (it had been awhile since I had used their site). Just be sure to get two 5x20mm 1 amp slo-blo fuses. (Since you don’t know for sure that your fuses are bad, getting Radio Shack or other cheap fuses for testing would not be a bad idea. Cheap fuses may not sound as good but will certainly not harm your PWD).


If I don’t want to attempt repair myself what are my options. I don’t want to screw anything else up I just want to get it up and running again and would rather leave repairs to experts I have never fiddled inside any component before.


The fuses are reasonably easy to get to but if you don’t want to open the box (perfectly understandable), I would suggest contacting PS Audio. Or, if you have a hi-fi repair shop nearby (they are increasingly rare), you might try them as replacing the fuses is straightforward. If it’s more than the fuses, PS Audio would be the way to go.