MKII upgrade kit...Anyone?


I have the PWD MK1, does anyone have an upgrade kit for it that they would like to sell?


If not now, we definitely will … :wink:


As Alekz said, should be plenty available, say in 45 - 60 days (after DirectStream upgrades ship). More importantly, there were at least two different upgrade kits offered depending on the configuration of the PWD. For whatever reason, PS Audio had eight different configurations of the input/output connectors. To see the eight configurations search “PWD MK II upgrade” in the search box in the top right of the page. This will take you to pictures of the eight different configurations. As for getting the right upgrade kit, you’ll have to either rely on the seller to confirm it is correct or contact PS Audio for the options. For example, My PWD is Version 3D and I got an upgrade kit that says for Version 1 and 3. Logic might lead you to there being a second kit for all Version 2, but I don’t know that for a fact. Perhaps someone else here recalls the details.

Actually, if one gets the DirectStream kit it will contain the replacement analog board and digital board, so if one removes a fully functional MkII analog board and digital board they will be properly paired with each other. Hence any working MkII will have the correct wiring between the digital board and analog board, and as all the boards fit into the same chassis, it will work just fine into a MkI.

So all you have to do is replace the MkI analog board and digital board with the replacement MkII parts and you'll be good to go.


Edit: A MkI user will replace his analog board and digital board with the used MkII parts from any working MkII and it'll be just fine as long as you use the same set of coax wires that came with the working MkII.


I was thinking along the same lines. If that’s correct (and it sounds right to me but what do I know), it might be simpler to replace all the boards (except the display board) and transformer than to figure out which is the right MkII kit, separate all the kit parts, etc. Or maybe PSA can recycle some of the parts from the upgrades it does into MkII kits.


The power supply is the same for Mk II and Mk I so you don’t have to replace that. If anything you can keep the coax cables plugged into the analog board when the kit gets shipped to the new customer.



Anyone have a spare chassis for sale? :wink:

radioclash said: Anyone have a spare chassis for sale?

I was thinking about a DIY project, but that would solve it ;)


I have a BRAND NEW and SEALED PWD mk2 Upgrade Kit (for Ver. 1 and 3) for sales. Buying this kit will extend the warranty of your PWD for more than 2 years.

This is for my second PWD. This cost of the kit is US$1000. Let me know if you want it.

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$1000…really??? Dude, MK1’s are basically obsolete. With the new direct stream coming out, people will be selling their MK2’s for $1000. Come on now…


Caveat Emptor. as always. :smiley:


Actually, all you need is the touch screen display and cable, then make your own chassis and you’ll have a working PWD MkII. I wonder if we can get a group buy on the touch screens . .



@dave03hd I have a new one that I will let go for a decent price, contact me at


There is an opportunity for some enterprising person to develop a chassis kit. I would think there are enough PWD’s out there that it would be worth it. Small touch screens must be relatively inexpensive.


The trick will be developing the FW for the touchscreen so that it can be programmed to interface to the mainboard. I don’t suppose there’d be a chance PS Audio would release that as public domain.


Why would they want to sell you just the screen so you can make another PWD mk2 for yourself or for resale? They have enough PWD as trade in that they need to get rid of.