Modding the DirectStream DAC

bridge ii, rejected son for psaudio?

Just to let you know that I ordered the XS4400 from Edcor directly and got the replacement done at Audiophonie in Montreal. It took about 1hour (less than $100 CAD) for the technician to do the work. Ask for Arnaud. He did a great job!
For the external Lpsu, I will do it myself.


Everything anyone has said( who have done the mod) about the XS4400 from Edcor is spot on. I just finished installing the board and am listening as I type. Awesome. I also have a new PP3 in the mix , but having read what people have experienced with the PP3 and or the Edcor mod, I can sort of hear what each is bringing to the mix. And if I am wrong as to which is doing which, don’t care, it sounds amazing, a very happy camper indeed.
A heads up, if anybody in the GTA is looking for a place to have the mod done, May I recommend Audio Excellence, very top notch workmanship. Ask for Vilip,


Thank you very much @elessard for the tip.
Initially, I was very very skeptical about your suggestion to go to Audiophonie as I bought a Unison Research Unico Nuovo integrated amplifier a few years ago at this store and I had also bought the phono card. However, when I came to pick up the amplifier, one of the previous owner greeted me, pull my brand new Unico Nuovo out of the box, put it on the side over an extremely dirty piece of shag carpet littered with resistors, cut wires and all kind of junk: I was screaming inside of myself telling me he is going to scratch my brand new amplifier, which he did :frowning:
Anyway, there was no way I was going back to these owners.
But, after I called, I found out it is an entirely new owner with 5 technicians working full time and their working bench is perfect :slight_smile: : - so thank you very much for the tip : I will certainly ask for Arnaud.

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How much did you pay for transformers replacement ?

My Xs 4400 are on the way … I ordered them the 14th they shipped today
Looking forward to some new sounds, I’ll have to wait till fall as I’m voicing new speakers now and need to compare my old to new with known sound

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I believe all audio/audiophile observations are relative.

Furthermore, I understood Ted’ s referenced comment to be a “comparative comment” - as to its relative contribution of noise.

Don’t mean to speak for Ted here, though…

IME, the Bridge II Ethernet card is an excellent performer.


i think bridge ii has been treated unfairly


I think it was 24.95 US each. I ordered from Edcor direct.

How much installation ?

Thx John!! So thankful brother.



I think you’re right, Ill try to get a MkI almost as good as possible and then Moet Hennessy.
I like it and has been part of my life.

Calling MP Audio would be a disaster as my spoken English is three time worse than my written one.

Could you please let me know the reference of your transfo (mine would be for Europe 230V), it would help me a lot.

Thanks :+1:

And I just had Dan Santoni, tech extraordinaire in Hamilton, Ontario retrofit the Edcor transformers to my DSD. $120 CAD for the work just like @dts experienced. $700 is robbery.

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They charge $90 an hour.

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Seems but in France you pay a lot of fees (given back) : from your income is deducted social security (if you caught the Covid and have to stay in intensive care for three weeks, it will be free) also deducted is retirement pension, being handicaped, I have a pension every month, not a big one but better than nothing. Public universities (such as La Sorbonne) costs $200 euros each of the first year, $275 the two years of Master, $330 each year of PhD. If you loose your job, you get, for a limited time an unemployed pension of 57% of your old salary. We have a lot of advantages but we mutually contribute for it. And we invented the 20%VAT (except for food : 5.5%)
This can be different in Germany or Italy.

Minimum salary in France for one hour : 10.15 € net, Germany 9.35€ net, Poland 3.50 €. I don’t know how it works in states.

This is why the number of hours is more relevant : better to ask a quote : X hours @ Y euros per hour. I can find the Y, that’s the X I’m trying to find. Seems to be between 1.5 hour and 3 hours for the EX4400

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I think Vadimgal just want to know how much he can charge people for the mod in Toronto. He wanted to charge me $400 for the job so I looked elsewhere.

Finally had my transformer replaced by a competent technician in Munich.
Send him the analog board, got it back two days later. He charged 2,5 hours x 70 Euro (plus 19% VAT), which is totally fine.
Once I’ve been able to do some serious listening I’ll share my findings here.


Looks good, congratulations :slight_smile: I’m thinking you’ll love it Philipp…

I spent a few days upgrading a pair of Crimson 640E monoblocks for a friend. Including mag shielding the toroids (all 4 lol), some new Kemet (BHC) slit foil PSU caps and most of all some “champion” recipe signal input caps. This cap recipe took a lot of time, effort (and expense) to determine, but it was oh so worth it.

I’m always amazed at how big a difference it makes to remove the toroid magnetic radiation for example. I also tried reversing the polarity of 1 toroid relative to the other to see if could get some active cancellation going. Magnetic radiation did drop on the probe, but not nearly as much as the 2 layers of shielding. A 3rd overall shield layer is coming as well. It’s not hard to understand that it’s not good to bomb a high gain circuit in particular with strong magnetic field radiation :wink:

Anyway I’m hearing some astonishing sounds from the system :smiley: The DAC is fantastic IMO… It just keeps getting better, as the electronics around it get better. T



What did you use to wrap the toroidals to shield them?


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It’s a high saturation magnetic shield material. 010" thick. 2 layers in this case. T

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