Modding the DirectStream DAC

I did try the EMI treatment however I didn’t notice any change. Maybe because I don’t use the Bridge??

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I don’t use Bridge Either I did remote LPS and treatment same time. It was one collective boost in performance or so I assumed. But I suppose there are differences in material and how they are placed, pPus ones environment and systems. Variations in any of these could lead to different results. What matters is you like what you accomplished in the end.

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Are you sure you used paper with the correct spectrum addressed?

Yes. I used the same material recommended here. I did that before the external PS.

Do you know where I can find the pin-outs of the Bridge II card edge? I might be able to use a couple of them for my external / Internal power supply mod.

I don’t have them. You might ask PS Audio support.

Ok, I just ask because there were different types of 3M, just one of those used by members here fits….while the one Stillpoints type fits generally.

@jkrichards I ended up using this series of 3M material. Pretty much straight line shielding and absorption across frequency spectrum bands.

Ok, although I remember that the 10 MHz region, where it rapidly drops was also important, it looks as if it should work. If you hear for differences, air around instruments was the most obvious characteristic in my case. So you could try with a recording, featuring this.

Are people turning off the display for these listening tests? If not that might explain some discrepancies in experiences. For that matter unplugging unused inputs (just durring listening experiments) could also lessen some confounding variables.


Indeed my display is always turned off, but I expected that with display on, the effects of the shielding (also of the display) should be rather even easier audible than less?

Indeed display is off and only i2S active. One thing I found interesting after using an external LPS and more EMI and RF shielding for the analog board, The display post mod when turned on is much clearer and brighter than I recall previously. I did not touch display brightness controls. Any possible explanations? More available clean power to it perhaps after the digital board shielding and shielding over display plus the DS supply less taxed perhaps?

No clearly correct explanation, but sometimes just turning my DS off and back on (with the back switch) will clean up the display a little.


In general the less noise in the system the more obvious changes in noise are. Often a tweak will make an obvious difference after some other upgrades when the difference was less obvious or inaudible before those upgrades.


Yeah my DS Display was always hard to read 13 feet back in listening position Now it is clear as a bell even though I barely have 20/20. Though I only use it for volume indicators Amazing though how noise affects both video and audio clarity. I see why Shunyata is now selling cords from their medical imaging power division to the audiophile crowd.

I understand, makes sense.

It does. I have a Gaia. Love the DS DAC with I2S from a DDC.


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Did you settle on a fuse for this LPS yet? I have been using this on the my Netgear nighthawk router/modem/switch. I took out the stock one experimenting with the gold ended white powder ones PS Audio uses in its DS and P20. The PSA sourced fuses totally killed the highs and the mids. It was a full sound with the PSA sourced fuse but suck the life and realism from the music as well as spatial cues from the recording venues. I put the stock fuse that came with the LPS back in and life came back. I am using a power cord that was stock on my monoblocks on the LPS though.

It is totally perplexing how a fuse to a digital modem router switch totally sounds like a component level upgrade returning back to the stock one. I am tempted to take its spare fuse in the holder and see if it makes the Toroidal zero zone LPS sound like the R core zero zone linear power supply or try it in my HDPlex300.

I have a new SR purple fuse in route I planned to trial versus an Audio Magic Beeswax Ultimate Premier in my P20. The loser fuse I was going to trial in LPS HDPLEX300.

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The fuse thing is really unbelievable. I’d be interested in your purple experience against the orange. I guess you don’t know the Audio Horizons I use…this comparison to the purple would be even more interesting. So far I experienced some better 3D with the AH than the orange, otherwise quite similar. The AM Beeswax SHD was weaker, but the better AM should be quite on level again. So the purple would be interesting to compare, as it still has a tolerable price compared to other extremes.

As all my network stuff is on another power circuit, I didn’t start there so far (and really don’t want to :wink: )

I use an electronic fuse for it. The best fuse is no fuse :slight_smile: