Modding the DirectStream DAC

Let us know when available. Hooray for kids who are electrical engineers!


This price does not include the external power supply.


I have reached out to few folks on this amazing 1800+ post thread about getting my DAC modded. I am not good at this stuff hence reached out to see if folks can help. Also have talked to Wayne from WCTAudio today.

I also wanted to check with @tedsmith since he lives in Seattle if he or anyone one the forum can suggest some local modders in Seattle and nearby Seattle that I can leverage?

If no other option in Seattle, I will have to figure out shipping and get this modded. Shipping (I have to ship the entire unit only - since I am not confident on opening the unit myself).

Thanks for any pointer for a local tech in Seattle or fellow forum member who can help.

Enjoy your music!


You really should remove the cover and just send the board. It’s not that difficult if you know what to do. Here’s a video on how to do it. And while you have the cover off you can also upgrade the fuse which also makes a big difference.

Thanks much. I can try, though I am not confident or comfortable about opening this myself. I will wait to see if there are any recommendations for some one to help me locally in Seattle.

We will be ordering the PC boards for this project later this week. Anyone interested in this power supply mod please PM me so I can order enough for everyone who wants them.


Glad someone is coming out with a pwr kit. Thanks jkrichards


Sorry if this has been posted already. I’m a bit lazy to look that closely. What voltage and capacity (watts or amps) power supply is required? What type of power supply connector will be used? Thanks!!

I believe it’s 12 volts

It requires at least 1 amp at 12vdc. I use a 6 amp at 12vdc power supply as I believe by using a large power supply it helps the sound quality.


This true for me, I started with Teddy Pardo, SBooster, HDPex 100 and 200, ended up staying with HDPex 300.


I like the idea of a HDPlex 300, but it really only pans out if you have 3-4 DC powered devices and the rack space.

Currently I have two DC components:

  1. a nVidia Shield Pro that doesn’t seem to care where it gets it’s power. I’ve tried a custom cable to a LPS and plugging it’s OEM wart into a P10. There’s no visual or audible difference.
  2. Uptone UltraCap for an opticalRendu. It’s plugged into a P10. I haven’t experimented with this at all. At this point, until the PSA Streamer comes out, I’m not going to experiment with that part of the audio chain, especially since it might either move to another rig or go away entirely.

Looked to try and find more info about your PCB’S can you direct me to someplace to view a least a photo of a stuffed board and the size of the PCB

How is your prototype performing if it’s ok to ask? Thank you

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I’ve been wanting to ask as well but didn’t want to be pushy. I like how you asked. :blush:

I love the concept! If it works good it will be a great addition to the Edcor mods!

Hi Vince,
Like to share that the 2 variable dc outputs on the HDPlex are very inferior sounding to the fixed 12 vdc rail, when connected to the analogue PCB.
Never used the 18 vdc either.
Best Terry

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Obviously if it didn’t work well we would not be moving forward with this project. Getting parts is the biggest hurdle right now. Should have the first ones built in a couple weeks. I will have more info at that time.


Glad to take the hit for the team Vince! I won’t ask how the power supply adds to the quality. Your turn with the question Vince.

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… as in A-B testing? I may have to wait until @jkrichards and EE offspring get parts in a few weeks.

Fortunately, a predicated upcoming tryptophan induced couch coma should help me refrain from asking too soon. :turkey: