Modding the DirectStream DAC

Do you have a link to that power supply? I googled but could find. Thanks in advance.

I use the high current output rail of HDPLEX 300 on my DSD too. I never tried the other assuming more current is good thing for analog reproduction. Glad to know you found this best

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Very cool! Thanks for the picture.

Awesome. I’m sold.

Very cool. Thanks for posting. Will there be an option for female 5.5 dc plug on the device instead of what’s shown in the photo?

No. Them plugs can be pulled out by mistake easily. The connectors we use are held in place by screw-on threads and can handle the power needed. You can make an adapter or cut the 5.5 off and attach the included connector.

The 2-Pin connector we use.



Here is a list of members who wants at least one unit.
Let me know if I’m missing anyone or if you change your mind.
I will be setting up a PayPal cart when we are ready to ship.

1x- gtownsend3590
2x- audiojan
1x- thiefoflight
1x- watchdog507
1x- paul172
1x- Baldy
1x- juniorbudel
1x- yoo890
1x- tony22
1x- Standahm1
1x- argoncat
1x-- Philipp_Schaefer
1x- spurs3567
1x- C.A.P
1x- vkennedy61
1x- jaycee
1x- MTB_Vince
1x- mutt54
1x- dcaudioguy
1x- toolbox149
1x- mwaustin
1x-- stevem2
1x-- Chrstphrlee

This batch is sold out. I will order another if we get enough interest. Let me know.


Yes I’d be in I noticed the question marks.

OK. ??? removed.

The relays we will use has Silver Tin Oxide contacts for superior in-rush endurance and sound quality.

Have you got a ball park price for your I presume stuffed? board

I would think one would want to improve upon the cable from the power card to analog board with an improved shielded star quad cable especially internal to the DS DAC to get the best performance. Versus reusing existing. That was one of Ted’s recommended tweaks. Otherwise your leaving improved performance one can achieve both star quad shielded internal and external LPS to the DAC. Versus two conductor DC cables from LPS internal. There really is a performance improvement you can hear doing better cabling

The reused cable is only used to pass power to the analog board only if you don’t use or power on the external power supply. Remember the unit will still work off of the internal power supply if no external power supply is used. The external power supply cable inside the unit is 14AWG 2.4mm OD Silver Plated FEP Wire High Purity OFC Copper Cable. Your welcome to make whatever mods you feel is necessary like supplying you own cables. We are not changing the design for individual needs.


Your thinking is flawed as using said cable has no benefit in this application.

Your opinion until you have tried it.

Yep… Your welcome to make whatever mods you feel necessary.
Unless I’m mistaken I don’t think you are on the list of interested purchasers.

See post # 1858 and 1888 above.

I think we are on target for $200 which includes shipping to the US lower 48 and using Paypal’s Friends and Family payment (no fees). If using standard payment through PayPal, buyer would pay the Paypal fees.
International shipping would be extra.

The board is “Stuffed” and complete and includes the internal power cable along with the external power connector for your external power cable.

This batch is SOLD OUT which should be here by the end of the week. We can run another batch if we get enough interest. Let me know.

It’s very simple to install.

  1. Remove top cover and Bridge II / Cover. Use a ground wrist strap for static protection.
  2. Slide this DS DAC EXTERNAL POWER CONTROLLER board in the Bridge II slot and fix with the 2 screws.
  3. Remove the power connector from analog board and connect to the DS DAC EXTERNAL POWER CONTROLLER boards [INTERNAL PSU IN] connector.
  4. Use supplied power cable and connect from analog board power connector to the DS DAC EXTERNAL POWER CONTROLLER boards [POWER OUT TO ANALOG BOARD] connector.
    Note: all power connectors are keyed for correct polarity.
  5. Test the unit by powering on the DAC AC switch “without” the external power supply connected. The DAC should work as it did before using the internal power supply. (NO LED) Internal power supply mode.
  6. Power down the unit with the AC switch on the back of the DAC. Connect the external power supply to the DS DAC EXTERNAL POWER CONTROLLER boards external connector and turn on the power supply “only” at this time. The LED on the Power board should light RED (Standby Mode)
  7. Power on the DAC’s AC switch. The LED should turn GREEN indicating you are now powered from the External Power Supply. (Normal External Power Mode).
    *Always turn on the external power supply first or at the same time as the DAC AC power.
    You can leave external power supply on 24/7 as the DS DAC EXTERNAL POWER CONTROLLER board will sequence the external power supply to the analog board at the correct time.




So excited! Could you please provide a link to the female connector part that attaches to the cable so we can start constructing the cable? Thanks!

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