Modified Mac Mini used at audio shows


Whenever PS Audio demonstrate products at an audio show, the source always includes a ‘modified Mac Mini’. Does anyone know what the modifications actually are as I would love to recreate them within my own Mac Mini.

Cheers, Bob
Brighton, UK

Yes. Since it is my Mac mini. It is 100% stock hardware. We stuff it full of the most RAM possible, use a SSD 500Gb hard drive. The rest of the mods are Bit Perfect and then Secret Sauce software by a friend of ours.

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Ahaa - Secret Sauce software sounds interesting!

Do you never think about using Roon?

I have Roon installed but do not like its sound.

I have one of these units set up by Paul’s friend. It sounds great. There are however, many more ways to skin that cat now, including Paul’s upcoming Octave - though that’s admittedly an unknown at this point.