More questions about triggers

I own 4 PS Audio monoblocks: 2 BHK’s with trigger inputs and 2 Stellar monoblocks with both trigger inputs and outputs. I would like to take all four amps out of standby with one button push. I have a P-5 but don’t want to use it to trigger the amps. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

What pre amp do you have?

My preamp is an Allnic, and has no trigger out.
I forgot to mention that before. I think that most people trigger the system with the preamp, but I can’t.

Use one Stellar to trigger the other Stellar and that one to trigger the BHK pair. You can use a Y cable to connect the BHK to one Stellar trigger out.

Thank’s Brett. I’ve got the cables but not the Y adaptor. -Amazon, huh?

I’m pretty sure the Stellar amps do not generate a trigger signal. The trigger out jack is for daisy chaining the trigger signal that comes, generally, from a preamp. There may be some kind of external device that would do it.

That’s probably true, test before buying more cables.

Why do you not want to use the P5? It is the most logical and easiest solution to your request.

Well, I thought I would have to turn the P-5 on or off from the main switch on the rear in order to trigger the amps. This would also turn off and on the DSD and DSMP which would have to initialize over and over again. -Not good. Am I right?
By the way, thanks for all the great advice. This forum is invaluable!

I guess I could just buy a BHK preamp to get a proper trigger, but I really like the Allnic, which is all tube and very special

The P5 has zones that can be programmed to turn on and off with custom or pre programmed delays. It also has always on modes for the zones. You could program the amp zones to turn on and off, and the pre amp zone to stay on. Then you could program the trigger functions to do what you want them too.

Thanks to hlg3 for that advice.
So, I reviewed the P-5 manual about setting up the zones. -Sorry, but an electrical engineer would have trouble understanding those instructions, and navigating through the touchscreen has always been a nightmare for me. I like to keep things as simple as possible. Anyway, that’s that; I’m stuck with pushing four buttons to turn on the amps.
Oh well.

Setting up the zones is actually very easy, just patiently work through the instructions or find a middle schoolar who enjoys playing with computers and mobile phones. He or she will have things set up for you in minutes.

The P-5 will do what you want, brilliantly.

Thanks Elk,
Obviously, I’m no genius, but I’ll give it a try and report back.

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I suggest starting with programing a single zone and then checking the result.

It is a little tedious, but once you understand what you are trying to accomplish it becomes easier.

-A good plan!

Hey Elk,
Must the P-5 have an ethernet connection to the internet in order to access the “always on” feature of the P-5 for a certain zone?

I assume not, but have not reviewed the manual. The web interface is nice and I hope it is back soon.

My recollection is one brings up each zone in turn and then cycles through the power options.

Does that mean that the web interface is down right now?
Sorry for my ignorance and thanks.

Yes, it is being reworked by PS Audio.