Morrow Audio MA6 GRAND REFERENCE interconnects Silver Eichmann RCA's - 1M Long (SOLD)

I really like how these cables sound. However, I am switching to balanced Morrow Audio cables between my new NPC and my Stellar Gain Cell DAC. These are the original model MA6 interconnects - 1 meter long. See info on number of runs, etc. below. Asking $350.00. Original MSRP was around $1,000.

Morrow Audio cables have received great reviews!!

Bill Dudleston, President, Legacy Audio Submitted: 2015.05.11

"Morrow Audio cables are very well crafted. Using Morrow cables in our systems, Legacy has received numerous ‘best of show’ accolades at audio shows around the country." - Bill, Dudleston, President, Legacy Audio



The MA6 Grand Reference (original model) consists of 48 runs of solid core, small gauge and individually insulated, silver coated copper wire which is then silver soldered to the termination. Silver coated copper wire was chosen for the excellent balance of sound that it provides. The cable has an attractive appearance and possesses excellent RFI and noise rejection. That cable is flexible, durable and easy to manage.

Eichmann Bullet Plugs - RCA Connector – some consider it to be the best connector for optimizing the performance of RCA terminated cables. Unplated fine Silver (99.99%) only. No Brass, no Nickel. Clean, unrestrained conductivity for the purest listening experience. Patented design. Single-point star ground eliminates eddy currents and reduces electron turbulence. Elegant geometry creates low mass conductors while high strength polymer parts minimize EMF, EFI and RFI influences.

Big fan of Morrow cables here, bought many different brands over the years but these are the last cables I’ll buy.

Have MA5 interconnects and the new design MA7 speaker cable.
New speaker cable is incredible.

Good luck with the sale.

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Thanks! I’ve been happy with the old MA6 performance so I am replacing these with the new design MA4 balanced. Less expensive but same number of wire runs as the old MA6.

I too, am a fan of morrow. I’m just starting out, but they’ve taken up my system a few notches, easily. :sunglasses:

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I’ve used Morrow Audio cables for years. His 60 day no questions asked return policy made the decision to try out the cables easy. His lifetime no questions asked guarantee (covers everything - even if your cat chews through the cable) also helped with the decision. I started with his entry level cables. They blew away big name cables costing several times more. I eventually worked my way up to the original design MA6/PH6/SP6 level.

I took advantage of the lifetime guarantee once already. After owning the cables for a couple years I used an RCA cleaning device that specifically said “do not twist the device when cleaning the RCA connector”. So of course I twisted the device and destroyed the RCA’s soldered connection to the cable. :grin: Mike repaired the cables, tested them and sent them back in a short amount of time at no charge. It’s also pretty nice that his shop is only 20 minutes from my house. A few years ago I attended a customer party - got to listen to his incredible $200k+ audio system. It was fantastic - hope to hear his new system sometime.

$200k system, wow! I can’t imagine what that’s like.

The try out policy is a great idea. If a manufacturer doesn’t offer that, it’s a big clue. :wink: I like that psa offers the same for their gear. I mean I even joined their forum and I don’t own any of their stuff yet!

I plan on moving up a few notches when I get the SGCD/m700s. I’m on MA2/SP3 now. Also want to get some balanced interconnects.