Muffled/darker/not so great sound

Hello, I picked up the sprout recently and was generally impressed (still am!) with it with the first set of speakers I bought (Audioengine P4s) but they were lacking some bass, so I picked up Wharfedale Diamond 220s. These certainly have the bass the other was lacking but I noticed it was kind of muddy and muffled in the low/low-mids, and the highs didn't sparkle like they should (think Fender Jazzmaster sparkle).

I'm in the middle of going back and forth between the two and it's pretty consistent - the highs lack a little and its kind of muffled, especially considering the same song on vinyl vs playing via bluetooth.

Turntable is a Technics SL-D3, from the late 70s-early 80s IIRC. Not sure how to go about correcting the sound here.

What are you using to send audio to the Sprouts Bluetooth and what is the file quality?

Have you experimented with the position of the speakers in your room? Bass in particular can often be changed by moving speakers closer to or farther from walls. The owner’s manual may give some info about how the designer intended the speakers to be placed; some are designed to sound best close to walls, others out in the room.