Music tracks start softly—Fade in problems in Snowmass, Cntd.

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I’m contemplating to upgrade from Redcloud to Snonmass and came across a thread initiated by russmj (“Music tracks start softly,” 1/5/19) mentioning a fade in problem in Snowmass in DS Sr. In his/her response, Veneet claimed that this is a built-in future of Snowmass (was Vennet involved in developing this software?). If this indeed is the case, it’s difficult to understand its purpose. In many tracks, music starts right away and this equipment, I believe, is intended to be mostly used by audiophiles rather than to generate background music. If it’s possible I’d like to have a more thorough and systematic discussion about this problem (whoever wants to join in), and have the following questions:

  1. Does fade in occur in DS Junior or Senior, or both?
  2. Is it only related to bridge II or other digital inputs are also affected (russmj mentioned using a NAS connected to bridge II, but didn’t discussed other inputs)?
  3. Does fade in affect the first track in the playlist or it affects each track?
  4. Does fade in is related to the type of signal: PCM vs. DSD?
  5. Does fade in occur when the resolution of material changes, e.g., from 96/24 to 192/24?

I’d appreciate having these questions answered, as otherwise it would be difficult for me (and perhaps others) to make an informed decision about the upgrade. I understand that Snowmass could have some objective/subjective advantages over Redcloud making it attractive to upgrade (I heard some enthusiastic opinions), but from my perspective it would be difficult to accept the fade in feature.
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Here’s a search with the answers (Skip the first three results):

Hi @achodobs, I do not actually do any testing or have input to the software process, and I do not work for PS Audio, so apologies if it seemed that way. I only know that fade-in was an added feature that was explained to me here by the very patient @tedsmith

His explanation was thorough and the fix in Roon to add a delay makes it a non issue for myself, not sure what you use, but I believe if you scroll through lots of good advice offered.

Thanks, Veneet.


Thanks, Ted.


In Ted’s own words: “the silly long ramp up is a bug”, so if I’m correct we may expect that this issue will be addressed in a new OS (mountain top).

Thanks, wybe.


This sounds promising! I hope this issue will indeed be addressed in the next OS by Ted and the PSA team as not all music players have the pre-gap feature to deal w/ this problem.