Music tracks start softly

Since upgrading to Snowmass on my DS Sr music tracks have been starting many dB down rising to full volume after about 1.5 seconds. If I stop the track and start it again immediately it starts at full volume.

My music is on a Synology NAS playing over my network to Bridge II (latest firmware) and using MConnect to control play on my iPad.

Any ideas as to why it has started with the soft start? Almost all the music I play is classical and composers want your attention from the first part of the first bar. It’s frustrating when it starts softly.

In Snowmass there is a fadein built in. If you use Roon you can add some time before the tracks start so this doesn’t happen. I think other software platforms may offer something similar

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I wonder, is there any chance of getting a Snowmass version without the fadein? It’s the only disappointing feature of a wonderful DAC.

I’m nearly certain that answer is no. It will be handled better for the next peak but it’s a…live with it till then issue. I’d like it fixed too but it’s not really that big of a deal and I play a lot of mixed data rate and file type playlists. The DSD is great and the issue is minor.

@russmj if you really wanted you could go back to Redcloud, which was pretty amazing. If you don’t listen to DSD format much you won’t have the ticks and pops, that was a bug fixed in Snowmass. No fade-in with Redcloud