My system

ASR Emitter I Exclusive amplifier (battery powered pre-amp)
PS Audio PWD MKII with bridge
Marten Getz 2 speakers
All powered by PS Audio P10 power regenerator

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Neet and well organized . It must sound very nice . I hate that damn spell check .


Congrats! Looks very nice.

very nice setup indeed, including rack :slight_smile:

@adriaan Nice system. Is there some Isolation fleets under the PWD ? Does this brings huge improvements even on a quality shelf?

Great to see another ASR user, just simply an amazing product. So musical.

Nice system!

Ooh, how do you like those Martens? In the past three shows I’ve missed the Marten room all three times. I’m really looking forward to hearing any of their speakers.


Very nice system Tony. I have a friend that uses ASR and always look forward to hearing his system.

I’m sure your system brings you much enjoyment.

Steven B-)

Finite-Elemente Master Reference Pagode rack? :wink: I love them!

@Alekz: yes it is the Finite Elements Reference rack. They do a lot of good

@Steven: the ASR is great, I recently upgraded him with a lot more natural sound

@Tony: The Marten Getz2 speakers are very neutral, fast and clean. The best speakers I know < EUR 20.000

I can’t wait to hear the DirectStream in my system…

Not a fan of the PowerBase?

I do not have any experience PowerBase but I don’t see any use for it in my system.

Anyone interested in seeing my system? Here you are:

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@aliaswolf: Can you describe your system? Are those Infinity speakers?

Hi Adrian,

My set up is like follows: dedicated win7 PC, build by my son, with a Pink Faun I2S sound card, connected via a Pink Faun HDMI cable with the PWD MKII. The PWD has a separate I2S input build by Pink Faun. This input is single ended, while the PSA inputs are balanced (said the technician of Pink Faun). The music files are stored on a QNAP HS-210 silent NAS with two WD 3TB HDs. For serious listening I have copied some of my HiRez files to an internal 240 GB SSD.

On the PC I run jRiver MC 19.117. Every file is converted to either 176,4 or 196kHz (4x the original SR) by jRiver. The PWD feeds my preamp, which is an old Blue Circle AG 3000. From the pre there goes a direct line to the Blue Circle AG 8000 power amps for the mid/high and another line, via an Audyssey bass EQ, which was set up by a technician in my room, to the bass amp, which is part of the Genesis 2.5 speaker system. Genesis was found by Arnie Nudell after he left Infinity. So these are not Inifnitiys, but all Arnies work. They are now > 20 y old. But mine are improved, due to some issues I had with the original X-overs and the midrange speakers. I changed the mid ranges from the original Carvers to the BG 48. Therefor I needed a new X-over, which was build by a former Infinity product manager here in Germany. Incredible, what a experienced technician is able to get out of these old speakers!

I tried several amps for the mid/highs, started with a Higher Fidelity 228, followed by ARC Classic 120, then a pair of self build nCore400s and now followed by the BCs.

Although I wasn’t looking for a pre, since I use the PWD exclusively, I couldn’t resist to buy the complete set as offered some weeks ago. The BCs let my Genesis really sing.

There are two more units, a PWT and a Sonos ZP 90, connected to the PWD. But both are hardly used.

I’m actually very satisfied with this setup. Everything is prepared now for the DS…

Hi Adrian, I know it is in the past, but nobody here is interesting in PWD, which I use and now with I2S connection from PC with Pink Faun I2S bridge. But I found some problem in PWD with sample frequencies in Native and NativeX mode. What is your opinion?

Hi franta,

I don’t have any idea how to solve the issue. Maybe you can buy a new DirectStream:)

franta2 via PS Audio schreef op 2019-09-12 18:36:

Hi Adrian, thanks for reaction! I will never buky any Psa product🙂 Regards, Franta

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