NAIM preamp for STELLAR S300?


I have a stellar S300 which I am in love with. It powers Dynaudio Focus 160s in a fairly small room 12x10 ish…
It’s fed a tidal lossless signal through chromecast audio - Schitt modi 2 uber - schiit saga preamp - stellar - dynaudios.

I just yesterday took delivery of a Naim 5i-2 integrated amp. Same audio feed from the chromecast and schiit dac, but obviously skipping the preamp and going straight to the integrated.

The power is obviously much less, but i’m really really enjoying the sound - i mean immensely like it’s the best i’ve ever heard in any of my small systems.

Is pairing a Naim preamp with my stellar S300 a bad idea? Should I pony up for a PS Audio preamp? Please advise!

Thanks so much.


“…it’s the best I’ve ever heard in any of my small systems.” I think you just answered your own question.

I have the 5i but prefer my Naim “Olive” Nait 2 from 1990. I currently use a PS Audio front-end (transport/DAC) to the Nait 2 and recently swapped out my big Focals for a pair of KEF (passive) LS50’s. I’ve tried many amps but always return to my Nait 2…not surprised to hear you enjoy Naim as well. I bet it sounds great with the Focus 160s.

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I haven’t heard a Naim in years so it’d be unfair of me to comment. I can tell you without reservation that adding a Stellar Preamp/DAC the GCD is (to make a bad pun) a Stellar experience. Sorry, just couldn’t resist. The combo is excellent and tuned perfectly together.

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Are you using the optical out of that Chromecast?

Thanks Paul
GCD is my next move.

digital signal into the DAC

I agree on the synergy between the SGCD and the Stellar amps (although I went with the m700’s for my power hungry Aerial 7b’s). NOTE: They really do take about 1 1/2 MONTHS to really gel, but WOW! Take a look at my earlier reviews, but I moved from a 10-tube BAT V5i pre and a Class A Ayre V3 amp to the PS Audio stack, and I lost only a little of the tube glow, but gained SO MUCH MORE with bass, speed, control, detail, etc. And with the 30 day return policy, the SGCD is just a phone call away!

And then there is the really great DAC in the SDCD… wow!