need help on getting my PS Audio IOS app to index my music faster

I use the PSA iOS app with my home system which includes as PWD mk 1 and a Synology 411j NAS, four 2T disks running RAID 5. I have thousands of songs. It takes 15-20 for the PSA IOS app to index the music if I am lucky that the PSA IOS app doesn’t crash while doing this indexing, not to mention ‘Read Error’ code ‘-207 while reading directory entries’.

and when using the PSA IOS app with the Synology NAS, there is no search bar for direct access to music, artist, album etc. Well, I am at my wits end having to deal with the long time to index the music and IOS app crashes. My logitech Squeezebox is on the same network and works quite flawlessly with respect to almost instant indexing of the music etc. Short of selling my PWD box and moving to a different mfg, I don’t have any ideas of how to improve on this very sub-optimal set up. If there are some simple ‘tricks’ or ‘tweeks’ I am missing I would dearly like to know about them. thxs.

I assume you are using your PWD with the Bridge, looking at your signature. Which music server software are you using (Asset/Twonky/Synology’s audio server/something else? What helped me for fast indexing is using Minimserver, a free server application that can be run locally on your Synology NAS. Besides that which iOS device do you use (speed of browsing might be also depending on that). Also how is your Bridge connected to your NAS, hardwired or Wi-Fi? If the latter applies, please hardwire the Bridge to the network that has the NAS connected as well. Hope this is useful. I would not sell the PWD, because I think it gives a lot of value for the price and PS Audio is currently busy (Alpha testing) a new virtual sound card which should solve the problems that might be applicable using the current setup (gapless playback).

The eLyric App is not longer supported :((

I like the look and feel of this App, but what can we do?

There are a lot of half ready solutions by PSA.

Try Arcam Songbook. This App is very stable and works good with my media sources. Linn Kinsky should work as well. But Arcam Songbook is my favorit when demonstrating the PWD.

I would prefer a eLyric App which is running troublefree !

Kinsky is a good option as well, but no option of fastforwarding in a track.

A fully developed eLyric App would give us what we need…

@dcginc1a - I agree with jvilly - best server for the NAS is MinimServer. It works very well with the elyric app, and will index quickly. I didn’t find a better solution for the NAS-only set up. Setting up the NAS to run it requires that you find out the type of processor on your NAS, get the right version of JAVA installed, and then load the correct version of Minim. Once you do that it is very easy to use and very stable.

As for including a computer in the system, should you choose to do that, JRiver and JRemote offer what I would consider the benchmark for functionality and stability.

The downside is that you have a computer to deal with in the system, which presents its own positives and negatives.

ok, thxs all, I’ll give these ideas a try.

on another note…

for the past two days, i see the URL I have for is not working inside the PS Audio IOS app. So I went off to RP, got their new URLs for 192k and 128k, added to my user defined Internet Radio stations in the Synology Audio Station. When I try and launch the PS Audio iphone app, and path my way to user defined radio stations, in order to launch the station, in order to bookmark the station as a saved playlist, the ios crashes every time… this is getting really old…

fyi, the PWD is hardwired from an Apple router via cat 5 wire going through Linksys gigabit ethernet switches then into the back of the PWD

Synology’s audio server

Like David and jvilly, I use MinimServer on my Synology with the eLyric control point. David’s comments about Java and getting the correct version of Minserver are correct. The first time you run MinimServer it may take a while to index if you have a lot of files, but after that any restarts will be much faster. (Note: “a while” means maybe three or four minutes, not 20 or 30.) It’s the server, not the control point, that does the indexing. Linn’s Kinsky control point also works well for me with Minim.

It’s true that eLyric is no longer being developed, but it still works. (On my system, occasionally it loses the wifi connection and crashes, but the music keeps playing and I just restart it. This happens less often since I upgraded my router.) Like many other control points, it doesn’t have a search function per se, but Minim’s “intelligent browsing” makes it easy to find what you want. The MinimServer manual explains how to have it index tags in addition to the default ones, if you wish.

(the other) David