Need Help with PWD MKI lcd panel


One day when I turn on the unit my screen got fuzzy, at first I thought one of my children have knocked the lcd panel, but is intact, so I decided to download the update, thinking could be a corrupt software, but the problem persist, after install the update all the funny pictures on the main panel also went off, any advise welcome, to fix my PWD, everything works great except the lcd, I will attach some pictures to show the problem, if anyone can help me also can contact me to fbrmec@hotmail.com2014-03-01-15.59.35-1.jpg2014-08-04-13.18.05-1.jpg2014-08-04-13.18.45.jpg20141014_194407.jpg2014-08-04-13.18.05.jpg20141014_194411.jpg20141014_194205.jpg


Call PSaudio. It looks like the flash chip used to store the graphics has gone bad.