Need J River alternative to play DSD FILES on MAC

J River is way too complicated to use as a primary DSD file importer. It also crashes too often.

I JUST SPENT $50 yesterday on a classical album on DSD 64

i have a Directstream,PS Audio transport, Oppo 105 with Aurilic music server guts inside, Mark Levinson amps and preamp. Many,many thousands of dollars. I can’t play a freakin DSD 64 file in its native .dsf state.

I BOUGHT Bitperfect Pro for $30 tonite, …doesn’t help the ONLY way I can play DSD files is to load music on USB stick, insert in OPPO 105. Digital out to the PSA DAC.

there HAS to be a better way. Mr Smith, your ideas,and opinion are God-like to many of us…Please tell me how YOU play native DSD files thru your Directstream ?

thanks to you and Paul for everything you do to help all of us.

Loyal customer

Mike Siegel

New Jersey,USA

I don’t use a MAC so I can’t really help. Hopefully some here will give you good advice there. Still I recommend BitPerfect based on other’s experience and emails I’ve done with the developers. In addition to the DSD sections in their manual ( I suspect that you might be able to glean some more good information from their web site since they do a lot of DSD testing with the DirectStream.

I use multiple ways. I have an Oppo BDP-103 with an Audiopraise Vanity HD card for playing multichannel SACDs (it can also theoretically play from USB, do various kinds of streaming, etc. I just us it for SACDs.)

Here’s what I wrote before I remembered that you were asking about playing on a MAC, but I don’t recommend my Windows methods for the week of heart:

JRiver bugs the crap out of me: it should be simpler to use and look better than foobar2000, but from release to release DSD breaks in various ways - still it works great for many people.

I use dBpoweramp (for ripping and initial tagging) + mp3tag + Picard for tagging everything except SACD isos.

(Tho it’s not real yet you might like to look at foobar2000 mobile:

For playing (and misc tag cleanups) I use foobar2000 ( which is nerdware and very boring in it’s default initialization. I found that fooRazor ( is preconfigured enough to do reasonable things and it formed a much better base for me to start tweaking the UI. Of course you still need to set up DSD: See “How to play DSD files on Foobar” in the How To section of the “Resources” here.

The foobar2000 sacd addon allows you to treat SACD isos just like a set of .dsf or .dff files - in particular it supports tagging and hence any tagging you can do with foobar2000 addons (Discogs, MusicBrainz, cddb, etc.) and people have differing experience with .iso’s: JRiver supports tagging tracks of an ISO but it can’t store those tags on the disk alongside the iso (or at least it couldn’t last time I looked.)

Mike-do you have your mac plugged into your DirectStream via USB? If so, use Roon. I used to recommend Audirvana but Roon is worth the extra $, i promise. Just point Roon in the direction of your music drive(s) (wherever they are) and watch the magic happen. Your classical music will be organized like it should be. Roon now has DSD support and will use DoP through your USB to the DS.

You could use virtual machine software (VMware, Virtual Box, etc.) to run a copy of Windows on your Mac, and use foobar2000 to play DSD. It handles both single and double rate natively. Setup of foobar is a bit tricky but there are instructions on this forum (see the link Ted provided above) and foobar is free. This is probably not the ideal solution (patentpending’s suggestion of Roon sounds better, as does pursuing BitPerfect further in line with Ted’s comments) but I mention it as an option.