Need some help with my Bridge


J-remote lost my bridge earlier this week. went through the “reboot everything” ritual without success. decided to reboot everything again and reset the bridge and my static IP. j-remote locked on the bridge and all seemed well…for about 25 min…then it was gone. wi-fi signal is strong and network looked fine but i rebooted everything again (didn’t reset the bridge this time) but still nothing. then i rebooted everything a third time…including resetting bridge and static ip…and the bridge was up and running…for another 20 minutes or so…then gone!. when it goes away…i can no longer see it on my pc as well, using the ip addy. the thing completely disappears.

something is wrong. i’ve had great stability for a long time now. am clueless on what to do next. the PWD2 works fine with my PWT…just not streaming.

anyone care to take a stab as to what to try next?..other then resetting my bridge every 20 minutes :smiley: . been so busy during the day…calling in for help hasn’t been an option. thought id try the forum experts

wi-fi is working fine with all my other devises.

use JRMC18 via ipad3 on a windows7 pc. firmware 2.41 and 2.14b

any idea’s would be greatly appreciated


I have similar issues with JR?Mac and J-remote.

The bridge would disappear and by elimination what brought it back was a reboot of the Mac.

Strange too that for a while I had to enable wifi on the Mac to be able to connect to the router by ethernet.

I wonder if WaveStream did something as it is still showing on my computer in spite of uninstalling it.

I ended up doing a reset on my router and let everything reconnect on the IPs they preferred.


thanks G…will give it a go.

just rebooted pc and ipad…also reset bridge/static ip.

just to try something different…went back to 2.2 firmware. upgraded to 2.41 a couple weeks ago and thought it was working fine. running out of things to try so why not.

got the music playing again now. lets see what happens.

thanks again


nope…2.4.1 wasn’t the problem. pc/app reboot didn’t help either

20-30 min and the music stops. dac still shows on JRemote but no control or music. rebooting the jremote app makes bridge disappear altogether. the bridge is also gone from the re-verified static ip addy from my pc?.

poooffff…it disappears ! @-)


try resetting your router to factory settings and “Dynamic” IP and let it find everything. [ set bridge, pc etc to dynamic before this.

You can also set the dynamic ip range on your router to , say, 101 to199 which will leave 2-100 and 200-251 as available static ip for future.



have never messed around with my router settings?. will unplugging the router do the trick?

have been setting the static ip through the bridge via my pc screen/bridge ip. so you’re saying not to do this right?..just leave the bridge on factory defaults after resetting it??


All this hassle is the reason why I am happy my USB now has better SQ



your router has a reset button to restore factory defaults.

first time in the router can be confusing but once you check it out it is actually quite simple and good to know about.

on the pc/web screen for the bridge set DHCP to NO. you can also do this by the front panel of the PWD.

I would also set your pc/mac to DHCP.

Depending on your router brand, [you will need the router IP address and password to get in] you can set a range of numbes for the dynamic IP addresses like 101 to 199, and when you reboot everything the router will assign addresses within the range to all your connected components.

We can deal with static IPs once everything is working properly.

what kind/brand of router is it?


@levi, before you reset you might want to save your router settings (backup) in case you don’t know how to setup your router. Perhaps an easier way is to borrow another router and see if that works. This way you can check the same thing without reconfiguring your router.


thanks for tips guys…will give it a go later tonight and follow up.

router is a Moto B5603

Rogerdn: luckily i have my PWT and disc’s handy :smiley: . hassles?..yes! no music??..Not a chance!!!

Levi said: Moto B5603

not sure what this is other than probably it is supplied by your internet provider.
Good advice from jvilly on making a back-up. first you have to get in though.
See if there is more info on the model as google did not find anything for me.



i purchased the Motorola myself. when i went to get in it via ip addy…it was asking for a username and password. having never done this…i had neither. was afraid to hit the reset without being able to get inside the router…so i didn’t. don’t want to lose my network completely as it’s up and running fine with all my other stuff. gave up and started feeding/spinning disc’s. maybe i’ll have a chance to call in for some support next week??

this network stuff is crazy!!!. everything else is hooking up and working fine?? why!!! :((

BTW…the PWD2 shows “connected” all the time…even when it’s not working.


Yes better to wait and do a bit of reading about your router.

when it asks for password try one of the following [check your manual]

If everything else is connecting fine then wait till you have a pro visiting you.

If you send me your tel nbr by PM, I can get a better idea of your set-up and give you a few tips.


wow Gordon!..very nice to offer such hands on help/support. well above and beyond the already great job you do around here. i’m desperate enough to take advantage of the offer and impose on your free time as well. will pm you … my new BEST friend!!!.