Need technical help - Receiver DAC does NOT work the first 10-15mins after turning on

I know this isn’t a specific DAC question… BUT, let me see if any of you can at least PINPOINT WHERE the problem maybe?

I have a Pioneer Elite SC-67 Receiver that I use for Home Theatre, for the last few weeks, whenever I turn it on, for the first 5-15mins, the AUDIO coming out is garbled noise! Video passes through HDMI fine, and everything else works fine, then at some RANDOM time later, I hear a loud bang and audio is back! Then it would work FOREVER if I keep Receiver ON! Also, as soon as I SWITCH inputs )Cable to Bluray, Xbox, etc), the same thing happens! Changing digital audio input to optical didn’t fix this, just change the sound of the noise.

Technically speaking, WHAT could be the problem? The CHIP? Needs a warm up? Then why after changing inputs the same thing?! One thing to note, the display CORRECTLY identifies the type of digital audio (PCM, Dolby Digital, etc…), even shows how many audio channels are there… so that part works fine.

I know this isn’t a product many cover, but someone with digital audio technical background might be able to explain this weird behaviour!

My first thought is to check to make sure the source is sending a format the receiver can handle, be it multi-channel, Dolby, PCM, whatever.

Well, it sure can as it has for 6 years without a change in my system.

My technical question is, WHICH component, needs a few mins to start decoding right?

Have you turned it off and pulled power for a couple minutes?

There are many circuits and microprocessors in that beast. A reset may be all it needs.

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I have done a power cycle and we also lost power a cpl of weeks ago and it was off for a day with no power for standby, but haven’t done a hard reset of the receiver, maybe will try. It’s a pain to re-configure everything again though…

I’d open it up and look for bad electrolytic capacitors leaking or oil canned out. Sounds like the finally get a full charge or enough to make things start working.

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