Network Bridge used with D-Link PowerLine


I have my router and desktop computer (with my music collection + JRiver) setup in my office. My stereo will be in a room far away from the office. Would I be able to use the DirectStream DAC + Network Bridge + D-Link PowerLine (or something like this) to connect the Bridge to the router via the electricity wiring in the house. That is will it be fast enough for the Bridge? I currently use the D-Link PowerLine in my house to connect various desktop (non-wifi) computers to the network.

Do you guys recommend some other means to connect the Bridge to the network when the router is far away. I do not want to run extremely long Ethernet wire for cosmetic reasons. If I can use the Bridge then I do not need a dedicated USB based media server in my stereo room.



YYZ, Toronto?

Yes the plc extenders work well.

i prefer the Linksys or Netgear over D-link. and try to get the one that does NOT have wifi extention included.


I do exactly that… works fine… But as Gordon says get the ones without wifi built in. I use the Netgear units.

I’ve had them for a few years and they work great.


Thanks for the info.

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