Network Set up

I posted this in another forum no responces, I am totally computer unfamiliar with this stuff

Please excuse my ignorance I just want to make sure I will be doing this right

I used to have a Squeezebox Touch, do not have a NAS or computer with music on it just

want to stream to the Jr with as high a sound quality possible

Does the attached drawing look correct?

Do I need to use the Bluesound Node 2 since the DMP and Jr have ethernet


Will my phone control the Tidal program from my pc?

Also saw that if this is the way to do it that it is a good idea to use 2 each ethernet

to optical switch to isolate noise from router, do you put it before the Node or the DMP?


I just found out in help to forum that I did not need the Blluesound streamer as

long as I put BubbleUPnP on my phone and that will control Tidal from my pc

in the kitchen, correct? Do I need a Tidal control app on my phone?……bridge-ii/

No help? I am a newb

Also why would I want Roon and Tidal, to stream higher resolution?

“Also why would I want Roon and Tidal, to stream higher resolution?”

For better sound. As to hook up, if you are going through the Bridge on your DS Jnr you need some kind of music player, could be Roon, or JRiver. I’m not familar with the Tidal player, maybe that would work.

I don’t have a smartphone, go to the app store and see if there is a controller/remote for Tidal. With JRiver the player is on my music only laptop. If I want to control it through my tablet I can download Gizmo or buy their better remote.

I keep the wifi turned of my laptop most of the time, so I control at the laptop.

First thing to do is get setup so that streaming Tidal works, then look into remote options. Maybe that bubble thing.

I just went and looked at your diagram, missed the link the first time.

I am not familar with Bluesound, or the DMP, but I don’t se any reason to have the Bluesound in there. I think the ethernet cable to the DMP is for the playlist. The input on the DS Jnr bridge is where you should be running your PC music in. Choose bridge on the Jnr’s remote.

If it plays though the Tidal player, you are set, if not get a player. Foobar is free, try that, Roon is supoosed to be one of the best, but is pricey.

Sorry about the bold, I did it somehow, but can’t figure out how to undo it. [removed = ELK]

Ok about to give up. Must not be any experts here I cant get Tidal to play through junior I will call psa monday to get help.


Pc wifi>router ethernet cable>junior

Installed trial version of tidal on pc also bubbleunp on pc plus both apps on phone, have no clue how to get it work, I would pay someone real money to help me

Sorry. I missed this question. What you’re proposing won’t work. The problem is that you’re trying to stream something from your phone to DSJ and that’s not the way it works.

The Bridge built in to DSJ is a UPnP based device. This means that you need a server and a controller specific to UPnP.

In your example, you’d need to add a computer or NAS running a program, like JRiver. There are written specifics in the owner’s manual, or you can give us a call and we’d be happy to walk you through.

PSAF You can stream Tidal to the Bridge without running a pc and/or server. Activate your Tidal subscription in BubbleUPnP (settings > Local and Cloud > TIDAL > Account) and select Wifi/Eth audio quality FLAC.

Select BRIDGE as renderer and you’re ready to go smiley-music005_gif

(the free version of BubbleUpnp has restrictions, you need the BubbleUPnP License for full functionality…)