New Audiophile record label from Norway

Try out their new album Alene (Alone in Norwegian)

AT-Recording’s philosophy is to create honest and authentic recordings for full benefit of the digital recordings strength without the use of any digital or analog effects. A pair of stereo microphones is used, and it is only the location and acoustics of the room that alone color the music and instruments. This makes the recordings feel real.

On “Alene”, the music is recorded in three different rooms with different reverberations.
The microphone location and which room is adapted to each piece of music. This means that the soundscape, proximity, and reverberation will vary from composition to composition. The recording equipment has been selected from a technical perspective due to their transparent properties to capture the music as it was experienced in the room where the recording was made.

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The first location is a solid concrete church and the third, Jar Kirke, is a quite amazing wooden building that has been used for plenty of recordings. So it would be a miracle if they sounded similar. None of that explains why the photos are taken on the roof of the Oslo Opera House.

The second venue is a modern brick church designed by Harald Hille. To lovers of English comedy, that’s a brilliant name.

I guess they will illustrate Alone (Alene) with the cover photo.