New Basement Build question

The best room would be this bonus room 25 x 23. But the wife has said dont you dare build it there and cover up all those windows… lol


CT is still crazy in the 450k - 800k range. Lines of people going through. Building new is soooo expensive here in due to labor, new material costs, and all the new energy efficiency. rules. For example in one town we were looking they require spray foam which for a 3000sqft house is 30+k… just stupid expensive to build. So all the good quality used houses go fast.

Also new trend is buy needs to carry two mortgages so you can bid with zero contingencies. But if you have a decent house selling it does not take long (less than 2 weeks) to sell… so you dont pay 2, but loose that one free month you normally get when buying. its just nuts around here

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as a total, complete, irrelevant post

in the late 1980s in Connecticut, I worked as, among other professional directions, pilot and new home building foreman for the company owner. ‘My’ first home was 16,000 sq feet, ‘my’ second was 26,000 (the 100 grounds were incredible, complete with large long stone mounds for property/sub property separations and a large lake among the hills). Both were beyond ultra luxury. My next project would have been a 42,000 sq ft home preceded by a 12,000 sq ft barn with living quarters. CT offers some extreme lifestyles.

Those were the years that I tinkered with the IRS-V and owned the Magnaplanar Tympani IV-D.


For sure there are some really big houses in CT. Down on the coast near NYC they get double 10k sqft and bigger and double digit Millions price tag to go with. Even where I live on shoreline less than mile away 1M+ for 2000sqft. Hoping I get big numbers for mine if we win the bid.

My last listening space was 17x27. One of the hardest to deal with asymmetric spaces (open on one side, changing ceiling heights, beams) I ever had to deal with. My retirement listening space is 14x16, closed, symmetrical, dedicated, treated, and is the best sounding space I’ve ever had for myself. Space isn’t always the answer, but in general more space can be better.

I’d buy that house and dig a tunnel to the garage. We have about 2,500sqft, my music room is on the ground floor about 14x18ft and as good as I could possibly desire. You don’t need a massive amount of space, although some people prefer it. The useful thing is good sound insulation.

There is a house 100 yards away, fairly recently built, looks like a prison and it’s almost 5,000sqft and not one room looks even vaguely suitable for a stereo. The original owners moved abroad, I think a footballer currently lives there now. The price suggests they are having real difficulties selling.

The only good thing that can be said is that it’s unlikely anyone will break in and steal the stereo.

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Same here in Michigan. Anything with water visible doesn’t last a week on the open market if it makes it that far.
Lake Michigan access lots go for $1m for an acre or less.
The interest rates don’t affect cash buyers so the $750k+ parcels are gone quickly

The two car garage with upstairs has Audiocave written all over it. Still leaves plenty of room for cars!


It’s an attic that can be converted. Not sure if that is easier than just taking the far 2 bay garage and make a 24x24x12 room.

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I like the bonus room. Just don’t cover up the windows. It clearly was meant for an audio system. :wink:

So did I. She saw my eyes light up and said no Freakn way.

Bid in tonight for 10am deadline tomorrow. We shall see if it’s even an issue I have to solve. Should know by end of week or sooner


Yes. Both.

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We are currently carrying a 2.75% mortgage. Until rates come down, no matter how awesome the prospective house, there’s no way we are moving.


Oh trust me this is killing me doing this. But for personal reasons I really dont want to get into, we are were we are. But I did convince the wife if this falls through like the others, we need to stop. See if that lasts.


I feel like I should be wishing you bad luck vs good luck on the house today.


hahahha… yeah I am very split on this as well. The salt water heated pool and yard is WAAAY better than I have now, so I would like that. But the rates are killer. But in the end 6.125% seems high, but in my life the rates have been 7-8 as well. I feel I can refi when it comes down which I think it will at some point. The hope is the house does not crash in price…


Well that was fast. 8 offers, 6 of which were all cash. Winning bid all cash $100k over ask. oh well. Guess I make my space nicer instead. Just think of all the money I just saved. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I have that just in case the better half gets the itch again. But after this I dont think so. I did not even go into how the sellers dont want to wait for you to sell. You sell first, rent or carry carry two mortgages for short time. My house would sell just as fast, but what a crock that sellers can do that and banks make it work. But I guess 6 were all cash…I think I should just sell and Airbnb with the cash all over the country.

Or get a Class A toy hauler RV and make the toy room a listening room and drive the country.


I went through the process of moving at the end of last year. The buying and selling dynamics were exhausting.


Please accept my sympathies…





With the money save you could buy a no-compromise system, new cars, a global tour, and more