New Bridge II Features Coming

Paul has teased in some other threads that there are some new goodies coming in the upcoming firmware update (in addition to MQA via Roon).

What are some of our best guesses as to what they may be?

I’m hoping for Google Chromecast Audio support. Obviously for $35 you can connect one directly to the DAC (which I have done) but it’s amazing how hard it is to explain to my wife how to switch the input from ‘Bridge’ to ‘Opt’. I’m sure others can sympathize.


I’d vote for Spotify.

I am hoping for Deezer and/or vTuner.

Agree! Plus it’s logical. They are built into the mconnect app and part of the Converse Digital universe.

I would really appreciate vTuner also.

A small rechargeable LED flashlight.

Squeezelite? smiley-music005_gif105_gif

my understanding is that any features related to network/streaming etc are in the bridge module made by Converse. Therefore I guess it will be more likely the feature related to DS itself (FPGA/display).

When I checked last time features Converse was providing to their modules only Airplay was available on top of Bridge streaming features.

For me Spotify would be nice, I use it a lot for casual listening in work as background music etc. Currently I have to either use to convert my (or community made) spotify playlists to Tidal or just note down artist/album/song and then load it into Roon from Tidal when at home.

Support for Pandora could be nice.