New DMP replacement transport

Is there a progress report on the DMP replacement transport?

Probably sometime in late summer or early fall.

Paul, in todays Paul’s Post titled “Preconceptions” you talk briefly about some of the features in the new transport and say it will be released in 2020, is this the same transport you say above will be released In late summer early fall of 2019?


Didn’t you answer your own question?

There is talk about two new transports. A Stellar. And a DMP replacement. I think that is the crux of his question, which of the two was being referred to in PP.

Actually no, while the two posts from Paul appear to be talking about the same transport, the delivery date slipped at least six months in the space of four weeks. That seems odd without some explanation. The other point I did not state, but Brodric did, was that there has been talk of a Stellar transport. I was hoping Paul would reply and clarify. While I personally have a DMP and do not plan on replacing it with the next best thing, I’m sure there are others who would like to know what is going on.

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If I was a betting person, my money for said DMPv2 delivery date slipping by at least six months in the space of four weeks explanation would be they have re-thought the whole SACD support question. It never made sense for them to dump SACD. Just spend the money. Buy the Sony license and the required whatever chip that decrypts the whatever needs decrypting. Find a supplier for the SACD optical drive. And just build it. I reckon all that would take about 6 months to wrangle together. I know @Paul has decreed several times that the new transport will not have SACD, but I bet the DMP shambles has left some bitterness in the mouth and they’ll want to save some face and build a SACD transport that actually works properly. And further to that, for DMP owners who continue to experience problems, I’ll bet they’ll upgrade you to a DMPv2 for just the MSRP price difference between the two.


Agreed, but Paul has been awful quiet about the whole thing. If it was a DMP vs. Stellar thing I would have thought he would have explained that. So, lacking any facts, let’s run with this!

I’d almost bet my house on it…DMPv2 will support SACD. If that’s the plan, good luck with it! @Paul send me the prototype and I’ll compare it against my Esoteric. And send me the Obsidian TSS as well, might as well beta the whole shooting match. I bet DMPv2 will be in an Obsidian chassis as well. And let’s not sugar-coat the marketing with this one, get the beta testing right, and don’t start selling it until it works properly. To be frank, in my opinion PS Audio really need to improve their thoroughness with the beta testing of new software and hardware products.

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@Brodric - so let’s say the new transport will have an SACD (DVD) drive. PSA would have 3-4 choices for suppliers - any guess which one they would choose?

(This is all SO hypothetical and I think we WON’T see an SACD transport)

Yeah. They’ll want to buy the cheapest one they can get. Unless they learn from previous hard learned lessons. Their days of “hacking” stuff to work - and that was the word Paul used - is false economy. Pay the money. Do it right. Just like what MSB did with exactly the same OPPO drive that proved to be so problematic in the DMP.


Well, I’ve put it out there. If we hear silence in response, I reckon I’m right on the money with this one.

Or not. :slight_smile:

Well, what camp are you in? Yes it will. No it won’t. Or sit on the fence?

I am in the camp where where basing judgment upon “hear silence in response” is both presumptuous and meaningless.

Argh, the answer to the question that wasn’t asked. Politician potential.

It is a perfectly fair response. Your question had nothing to do with my post which commented on your “silence” prediction. I merely made my response to your non-sequitur question relevant.

I am sorry you are displeased. :yum:

No, I’m not displeased at all. Wranglers are appointed to wrangle entirely as they see fit, and I have no issue with that.

And I’m 100% sure that DMPv2 will support SACD. Diana told me so. She’s a clairvoyant who sends me an email every day to say I’m going to be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams, if I pay her modest fee in exchange for her consultation with the High Priest Abach. What I’m not 100% sure about is whether it will work properly. Diana Clairvoyant Psychic would need to up her fee for more consultations with the High Priest Abach for an answer to that one.

Let’s put it to the test. @Paul has said a few times before that they are not going to support SACD in the DMP replacement. He might come on here now and say that nothing has changed (other than the expected delivery date). Which would put an end to to the issue. Not that it’s an issue. If he doesn’t, well, stay tuned and watch this space.

Capt. B…Paul already stated that the new transport will be the standard housing as before.