New DS DAC Owner Questions

Currently I am burning in my new DAC I have about 300 hours on it and every time I listen it sounds better and better. I am feeding files via Roon through a Bridge II, and via Jriver through a Sonore uRendu to USB, or the Bridge II. The controler is a 2013 Mac Mini. I have a couple of questions.

I hardly ever see cover art no matter the input. I read on this forum that the DS would sense the input and automatically switch to the input with activity. This does not happen for me. I am on Redcloud and the 6/22/18 release of Bridge II firmware. Any guidance would be appreciated.

If you are running the DAC in continuously using the Bridge II there is a bug in that code that causes the artwork to stop displaying after a while. A power cycle resters functionality. You will not see any artwork on the USB side with the uRendu.

Thanks Jaiello, is the DAC supposed to sense an active input and switch to that input? I purposely tried shutting down Roon, or Jriver while one was feeding an input and I still had to manually switch to the proper input to get audio.

You have to switch to the USB port manually if you are on the Bridge II input. In my system when I use my iPad app I can select a music selection and the DAC will switch to the Bridge II input automatically and turn the unit on from standby.

Also there is a new Bridge II update you should install if you haven’t already.

I believe the DS Jr has an auto-sensing optionfor the inputs but not the DS Sr.

I don’t think the DS Sr. offers automatic switching. I have been running my system almost exactly the way you are with the only other addition being an i2s input as well from my NPC.

I was able to create activities on my Harmony remote to change both my pre-amp and DS Sr. as needed with the same click.


DS will auto switch from any input to the Bridge only. Otherwise, all manual. I believe Ted said it will likely be in the next update so that it operates like Jr.

Thanks, this is all little stuff I read in the forums. The thing that matters is I’m loving the sound!