New DS Jr

I just got my new DS Jr today and was a little nervous on how long it would take to setup the bridge to my Minimserver running on my Mac Mini OS X server. I think it took a whole 10 minutes to setup the balanced and Ethernet cables to the DS Jr, download the Mconnect app, connect to the Minimserver, setup the library and bridge and was playing music. So easy.

I did run into a small issue and a quick call into support fixed it. When I was playing a song, I had to turn my amp way up to get any song, something that I didn’t have to do with my previous music server. I had a small “L” on the screen and I had to press the remote “dac level button” and everything was fixed.

While I had the tech online, I asked about other things that I can set and he turned me on to the sub menus on the unit, something the manual doesn’t go over. IMO I would add all of this info to the manual because there are some niceties in there.