New DSDJ Frustration

Good morning to you in Colorado.
Proud owner of a new DSDJ here in OZ. So I’m a total newbie on a hi res journey. I have a Astell & Kern Kann which is the start of my HR journey . Im selecting the correct setting on the KAnn, using the micro USB out with Audio Quest OTG and USB A-B into the DSDJ.
Here is where my newbie frustration kicks in . Some times the Kann connects and some times it doesn’t. Last night i spent an hour before i got some tunes.
Iv spoken with A & K here suggested a firmware up grade on both devices!!
Prior to the Kann tunes came from an older iPad with iTunes via a Wadia 171i, with coax , i gotta say the DSDJ did wonders .
I think i will do a lot of study and eventually use the Bridge, but until then is there any thing i can do to make connection easier.
Thanks Perry


This is just a guess, but some times a device needs to be on (or explicitly off) before being plugged into another, and other times it matters which his plugged in first. I suggest playing with these options to see if you can achieve a more consistent result.

Magenta has a lot of experience with the product and Mike would be a good first point of contact if you wanted to speak directly to somebody local. Mike always has time to speak to his customers, he’s good for the brand in Australia.

There are a few reports of DSJ and USB issues, and I know from experience that it can lose contact with Apple computers where the only fix is to turn it off and start again.

You may have read about a recent Bridge update breaking a few things. SPDIF is rock solid, and is my DSJ input of choice for that reason. Enjoy your new DSJ.

Thanks for the replies , iv just got off the phone with Mike at Magenta. Great conversation . I have a few things to try which i’m sure will be fruitful.

Many thanks


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Please pass on to us what you learn.

If The DSJ is off the Kann will not connect as it has nothing to shake hands with. Even when “on” i was having trouble. So i have nothing to add .
I wil be having a play with the Bridge after having spoken with Mike, the Kann will be retired!!

I never liked USB sources, and it was a godsend when SpotifyConnect was added to Bridge2 because then I could retire my USB connected MacBook. The direction you are now heading, with Bridge2, is the way to go.

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Update. I now am running my retired iMac with roon over ethernet. Half cable half over power lines. Into the DSJ via Bridge. iPad remote. All i can say is WOW. Good riddance to the Kann.
I’l soon look into Tidal as well.
Long term i will look at getting cable all the way and for now update the storage on my iMac to SSD. May be look at a NAS set up at some point if get too much music !!!
It’s gratifying to have taken a taken ( for me ) a step into network audio. Many thanks to the good folk here and to Mike at Magenta in South OZ and Tony at Douglas HiFi in Perth.
Open to feed back and advice.

There is a lot of information on here about Tidal and other music streaming services. First month free, no harm trying.