New DSJ but the Bridge II is out

Hi from New Zealand!

Got my DSJ today (M700’s last month).

Started it up and was able to get music flowing via the bridge playing from Audirvana. Also Mconnect from my ipad.

However, i was unable to get It to stream from itunes.

my modem/router recognised the Bridge ii initially but then it vanished.

It then disappeared from Audirvana and as an an input option on the DSJ.

I’ve re-set my net work, powered down the DSJ for 30 minutes and unplugged all cables. USB works fine but there is no streaming (i can select the bridge from the remote but its IP setting etc are

any ideas?



Are you trying to connect to the Bridge II by wifi? This is not supported AFAIK. You must use a wired connection to a modem/router or a wifi access point. The blurb on the PSAudio web site says “With Bridge II you aren’t tied to a computer, you can store and access your music from anywhere in the house, you can connect either wirelessly or wired”, which is somewhat misleading.


Sorry. Got that wrong. Not wifi, direct connection to modem/router via ethernet!

Did you check to insure you are running the latest firmware? Just because it’s new to you doesn’t mean that it has the latest firmware.

Hi FMaximus,

Sorry to hear you are having troubles getting a network connection with your BridgeII. I’ll have out customer service team reach out to you. I’m sure they will be able to provide a solution to get you going.


Hi FMaximus,

Please reach out to us directly.
We are concerned that the version shows 0.0.0 for the Bridge II.
This is a sign that there may be a firmware corruption requiring service.
Our email address is and our phone number is 1 (800) PSAUDIO.
We’ll need your serial number and shipping info to get you service.
Looking forward to speaking to you directly.

  • Jeremy

Thanks Jeremy, i’ve sent an email with all relevant info.