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Hey guys, this is James Herod and I’ve been with the PS Customer Service team for just over two years.
My music career started early learning classical piano under the Suzuki method.
I quickly veered away from classical training in high school and fell in love with jazz piano. Bill Evans is the man!
Beyond music, I spend a majority of my free time rock climbing at Boulder’s local Crags.
A few of my colleagues think I’m crazy for biking into the office while it’s -4F in the morning, but avoiding Boulder’s traffic is worth it.

I stared out with PS in the warehouse helping the guys pack new gear to be shipped. Paul and company invited me to join the customer service team after a bad climbing accident, after which I was no longer able to lift the mighty PowerPlants!

I recognize a few people on these forums that I’ve helped out with their gear and I am pleased to announce I will be spending a good deal more time reading and responding to your questions and offering an inside track into PS Audio’s engineering and support team for Community Members. If you have questions about setup, products, updates, or even climbing or bike riding, I am here to help. Thanks for this great community and the opportunity to participate.


Good to read about your cold weather riding, I too love the ice and freezing snow (in NH). I will keep up with your forum contributions, and; I will visit Bill Evans.

Hi, James


Hey James! Craig Lord here. South Boulder. We met once at PS with Kevin J. I think I live within walking distance of you. I have a lot of Bill on CD, SACD, and vinyl. We chatted about setting up a listening session.

Howdy Craig! Great to see you on here. I’d love to hear the setup! Remind me the speakers you’re driving again? That’d be awesome! I’m trying to develop my ear, so the more high-end systems I hear, the better.

Welcome… so the challenge… stump the new guy… hmmmmmm…

Bruce in Philly

Hi James… The speakers are Dunlavy Audio Labs SC-IV-A. google them.
GCD, M700s, DMP, DSJr, P5, SOTA Saphire/vacuum with Sutherland phono pre.

Awe, that’s right. I’m very intrigued by the Dunlavy’s. I remember you really liked the improvement in the system when you put the P5 in there. You and I definitely fall victim to a severe power demand curve in the neighborhood. It’s always interesting watching the THD increase as people get home from work.

Was it hard to find the sweet spot with such large speakers?

The Dunlavy SC -IV/A is a wonderful speaker. Sony Studios has a spectacular multi-channel set up with seven of them. A good number of other studios use them as well. When Dunlavy was still around he would send you the individual tested frequency response of your speakers.

Hi Elk… Yup, I got my Dunlavy SC-IV/As from new and I have the individual tested anechoic response of each. They tweaked the individual crossovers in each for as close to identical response as they could get.

That’s really cool, and would make me feel very confident in the speaker’s performance with that personal touch. How cool would it be if you knew the exact FR you preferred, and they tweaked each crossover for what you wanted…

Hmmm… The sweet spot. Well I am limited by my room, but luckily there is not a wall behind them. The ceiling of the room is 2 stories at the speaker end (and 1 story at the other). Very unusual. I’ve fiddled with distance between them and to the listening spot and with toe in. I’ll let you decide what that sounds like when you hear them.
And yeh, the P5. My home voltage varies from 124V to 118V with variable THD, usually about 4-6%. The P5 is stable at 119.7V and .1-.2% THD. I’ve never seen it have to put out above 20% capacity. I was amazed at what that P5 can do.

Hi James- I have been in a few times but I don’t think we have met. Hopefully soon. I worked with Duncan a lot and Jeremy of course has helped me with a few questions. I work right down the street from PSA. Glad to see ya out and about on the forum. I don’t think there will be a shortage of questions… Have fun…

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Great to have you on the forum James! I’m one of those guys you previously helped out (with the chassis binding post to go with the resistor network from REL to stop it from humming–worked great buy the way).

Yes, welcome James! James is a great asset to the company and I am delighted he’s been given the time to actively participate in the forums making himself available for the community to ask questions and get personalized help whenever anyone needs it.

Good work, sir! Have fun and we look forward to your contributions.

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I’ve enjoyed your YouTube tutorials along with Paul’s of course. Keep that going, the world is watching you both, learning and definitely asking for more. Just a suggestion, sample PS gears with different speaker sizes and setups in those videos.

PS Audio staff participation in the forums requires company approval, did I read that right? No big deal either way, that point just caught my attention. If I read it right.

I imagine James can post on his own time if he would like, but reasonably needs being given on-the-clock time to participate during his work day.

No, not at all. Any employee can participate if they have something to contribute to the forums. They’re not in any way restricted. What we meant was James has actually been assigned to the forums as part of his work day. He has specific instructions to spend what time it takes him to read the posts and see where he can contribute, to be there as a resource for the community. He got quite a wealth of knowledge and he’s also got a lot to learn. A good combo in my opinion. I hope and trust our community will both welcome him and help guide him along as to the needs of this excellent community.