New Harbeth 40.2 speakers

I am interested in auditioning the new Harbeth 40.2 speakers. Any opinion in the previous 40.1 speakers?

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Does the 40.1 have a good soundstage and what about sufficient transparancy?

The new Harbeths 40.2 will be produced starting August of this year.

Harbeth-40.2.jpgJust received my new speakers: the Harbeth 40.2…


Harbeth have been progressively upgrading the models in their range. If your experience with the 40.2s is as good as mine with the previous one they upgraded, the Super HL5 plus, you will get a significant improvement in the enjoyment of your music.

I recently heard the M40.1 and was stunned.
Midrange on most Piano recording was superb.

What is your feedback on thos 40.2 ?
What system do you use ?
I might sell my Thiel CS 3.7 that are very difficult to “drive”, way too “thin” on Piano recordings…


Congratulations with them. I am a little hot on them.

Hi fanche,

I am a happy owner of the 40.2.
The 40.2 is a very transparant speaker with a very addictive sound.
The soundstage is very impressive but a little different compared to other high end speakers.
The match with amps is something you should try. I suspect that they like powerfull amps.

I heard the 40.2 with VAC amps at a dealer demo night. I was not impressed at all. I listened over the course of an hour and many tracks. Yes, competent i suppose, but not magical like I was expecting. I need another audition because others in attendance (and the organizer) gave them accolades.

I would recommend combining the 40.2 with a high quality, high power solid state amp. I personally use the ASR Emitter I Exclusive with great results.

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Thank you for your advice.

The Thiels also need a powerful amp I gathered from various comments.

I’ll first try to upgrade my vac amp before making the switch if unsatisfied…