New Look Forum?


I think they are, but could they open a second screen so that the PSA screen remains available for reference ? Seems it’s sometimes easier to not lose it that way too.


Hi, I was just on another audio forum I frequent ( and noticed that it is “powered by” MyBB ( MyBB looks good and seems to work well on the MinimServer forum. Thanks.


OK. At least on the desktop view we eliminated the cartoon avatars for a cleaner look on both the home page as well as the topics page. Have a look and let us know what you think. Is this closer to what you’re thinking? Looks cleaner to me and removes the focus on the poster to the topic whioch we all agree is more important.

Great suggestion, by the way, and appreciate the help making these forums better.


I like it. Much cleaner, less visual noise.

On the mobile view, the icon for the last poster is displayed under “Latest.” (Switching to desktop view removes the icons.) No icons are displayed under “Categories” using mobile view.


Take a look now. We’ve removed all the little cartoon avatars except on individual posts so you know who wrote them. Certainly cleaner now and less cartoon clutter like. Let us know.


Thanks, Elk! Maybe others will chime in too.


Hi Paul, thanks very much, that looks WAY better!


Thanks for the help! Let us know if you see any other room for improvement. We want all the new cool features these forums provide but with the ease and good looks of the old one. Might take some time to get there but we’re listening.


Definitely better – thanks, Paul.


Are we being locked out of post edits (after a set time)? Is that a new thing? Hope not. Went to edit my Dr. Lonnie Smith post and it’s locked. I do re-read and edit if there’s a mistake, mis-representation or want to add additional comments.


The post creator can edit a post.

If it is an older post which is pre-new forum (more than ~ four weeks old) you may not be able to edit the post. I see a post mentioning Lonnie which was made February 17. This may be an old forum post. (I did not conduct an exhaustive search.)

If you cannot edit the post I am happy to try and make the changes you would like if you PM them to me, telling me which post you would like changed.


Elk, thanks for the response. The post is only a couple hours old and the site won’t allow me to edit. Maybe something I’m doing wrong…but, I’ve always been able to edit posts here. Some sites, Hoffman, only give you an hour or so to edit. Always liked the no time limit edit policy here.


I cannot find your post, the last one mentioning Lonnie Smith I see was made last month. What thread is it in?

I want to try and figure out why you cannot edit your post.


What are you spinning now…of course. Can’t edit my last Sonny Stitt post from a few minutes ago either.

Was able to edit this post!


Got it! I’m sorry, I was searching for text, not reading the album covers.

Both of this posts indicate there is an edit history where you modified the post already. I suspect the forum is locking out subsequent edits after a certain amount of time, but I do not see any reason this would be happening in the “spinning” thread. I will see if I can figure it out. The above post looks like it can still be edited.


Meant to give you that hint. Sorry!! I edited my phone post several times. The iPhone image copy function is clunky and I was struggling with it. Probably edited the Lonnie Smith post 4 tines to get the image correct. Maybe the system locked me out due to excess edits?


This makes sense. Let’s see if you still have issues in the future.

Thanks for helping me track down the issue.


It’s not just only one post…I’m locked out of editing any post in the thread. There is a small lock icon in the top of all my posts throughout the entire thread and the pencil edit button, at the bottom of the post, does not appear.


There is a least one post without the lock, and the difference is @ system was not involved in uploading the picture you posted. I suspect it has something to do with how you are uploading pictures and the subsequent edits.


I’ve now allowed lifetime editing to the author. I did notice some interesting restrictions though, something to bear in mind. If an administrator edits your post for whatever reason the author is forever barred from further edits. Something Elk and I will have to watch though I don’t think either of us spends any time editing other’s posts.

Let us know.