New Look Forum?


Thanks Paul…just one thing, I still can’t edit my posts in the “What are you Spinning right now?” Thread. This just happened yesterday afternoon. I’ve been on the new and old site for years and have always been able to edit posts. Something happened yesterday in the “What are you Spinning right now?” thread. I have full edit privileges (as I’ve always had) in all other threads.


Can you check now and let us know?


Still locked out. See the screen shot from my last post in the thread last night (just captured this screen shot). There is a lock symbol in the top right corner. No pencil in the bottom right corner. All of my posts in the thread have this lock symbol. I assume I got locked out due to the number of edits to a post in the thread. I was using my phone and having issues posting an image. Thanks! Sorry for the hassle!


Hi, Paul

The Forum was set to allow user edits for over two months. Thus, editing is not timming out. Something else is going on with his posts, but only in this thread. All others are fine.


Weird. I haven’t a clue.


I just deleted the post, from yesterday afternoon, that started the problem (I think). Takes 24 hours to be fully deleted. Let’s see if that fixes the issue. (I thought maybe 24 hours after the initial post, that may have caused the issue, expired; the problem might go away. Turns out, not the case.)


Have you tried posting from a desktop or lap top rather than your phone?

As it does not otherwise appear to be a problem, there must be something unique about your account or how you are posting.


Yes. I only made a single post from my phone (which I have deleted in hopes that will fix things). All the others were made at home on my iPad, the same way I have made hundreds (really a thousand) of posts to this site (including the new software).


Mmm . . . so not phone. Perhaps an iThingy quirk of some sort, but there are plenty of iThings posting without an issue.

Can you edit posts without pictures? Perhaps it has something to do with how you post pictures. For example, an extra code ends up embedded in your posts that we do not know about.


Don’t see how it could be an iDevice issue. I’ve made hundreds of posts to the “What are you spinning right now?” thread using my iPad mini. I don’t even see how it can be an iPhone issue but I’ve got nothing else.

Bet I can edit this post after a few. Yes, it’s not a perfectly analogous since I’m posting this on my work computer. I do the same thing with all images, find the image on the net, copy the location and paste the URL into the “From the Web” window (click upload button).


Interesting, I can’t edit the above post after only 15 minutes! Again, the above post was made on a Win 10 desktop computer. Pasted the URL below (without the * of-course).


Again, sorry for the hassle. It’s not a huge deal. I do like the ability to edit out mistakes and/or add comments. It’s all just fun and clearly not that important.

Edit: I’m not locked out of any other post in this thread without graphics. Final note, I’ve been adding graphics to this web site starting on day one with the new software. I’ve always been able to edit posts (I believe - possible I’m mistaken) with graphics in them.

2nd Edit: My post 203 (Louvin Brothers) in this thread has a graphic. I can edit that post. Since that graphic was a screen shot, I saved that file to my desktop and then dragged the .jpg into into this web site. It has to do with URL linked graphics (a method most web sites favor since the graphic itself doesn’t take as much space on the server).


As I mentioned, it appeared unlikely it is an iThing issue, but it was worth exploring.

I am stumped. I cannot see anything unique about your posts or your account. I also see nothing about the pictures you are uploading which would create a problem. I downloaded the last one and have uploaded it in the unlikely event the image has something to do with it.

I fully understand why you would like to be able to edit your posts, especially to add comments about music. It is one of the fun things about that thread.

Test image:


On iPad Pro, vertical loses what I’d call the speed bar which scrolls ahead or back on the open topic. It’s there with lots of space when horizontally.

I like the new look.

I had a topic open in my browser for days and could see any new additions to that topic. I liked that. Maybe that’s new… or not. I don’t usually haunt the forums.


I have not seen a forum push new posts as this one does. I also find amusing the notice a user is replying to a thread when you are in the thread.


So the question is, can you edit your post? If you can, it’s an account based issue, it you can’t it’s a method based issue (URL links).


I can edit every post on the forum; I have different rights. I can even edit your posts which are locked out for you. Thus, I am not a good test case.

The question is whether every other user can edit their posts and, given the number of edits I see, it appears they can do so with impunity.


just finished reading Paul’s daily post and just want to chime in, that i really love this modern forum engine and appreciate how seamlessly the migration went (except changed profile names, but that’s minor issue :slight_smile: ) Thanks to PS Audio for giving such great space for the community here!


Until now I haven’t spent much time on these forums, but what I have seen so far of the new format, it seems to be an improvement to me. I definitely like the new look, and it also seems easier to navigate.




Really appreciate the feedback!