New Look Forum?


From the “Latest” view, how does one easily mark everything read? The site does a poor job of remembering when I have come and gone so the “last visit” line is often completely wrong.


I do not know of a way to mark all topics read in the latest view. You can now dismiss read topics via the “Dismiss Read” button at the bottom of the Unread tab however.

I find the last visit line to be perfect. I do not know why it would be different for others other than you need to be gone for a while.


Not very user friendly…


I find it works superbly. I prefer this format/software to others as it is crisp, clean, and exceedingly quick.

I suspect you will find the software will do everything you would like, it may however accomplish the task differently than you have seen. I have found it worth learning how it works as it is clever and efficient.

My guess is you may prefer New as your homepage default. See, my post #165 in this thread for a description, click.


No, I would not prefer “New” as that is only new topics.

I don’t need to have my opinion marginalized. I have been using this forum software for a very long time over at the Roon site. I had Roon before I had any PS Audio product. I’ve managed a large data center and unix systems running all manner of forum software. I’ve been an Internet person since it was invented…I was at UCLA using the Internet before it was the Internet.

I much prefer the forum software. I am done making that suggestion. But don’t tell me how much I am going to like this software once I figure it out. That is just plain condescending.


As an example, with XenForo, I can make my main page show just new posts regardless if they are new or existing topics. I can read them all or read just the posts I am interested in. Then, I can mark them all read easily.

I can also have it show me recent posts, read or not. Or, I can browse sections and sub forums easily.

The private message system is MUCH better. There is this concept of profile posts where you can post comments about less relevant things without cluttering up the main forum.

Topic organization is better in my view. The UI is cleaner and more intuitive. The site owner has many more choices in how the forum looks.

I know, I know, that ship has sailed…I sure wish I would have seen a post asking for feedback on forum software…


Thanks Speed-Racer and I am pretty sure Elk was not trying to marginalize your opinion as it is most certainly welcome and appreciated. The one thing I have figured out is that no matter what we do we’re not going to make everyone happy - or at least if that were possible I haven’t been privy to the experience.

I looked at the forum software you prefer and it looks quite good. Friendlier than this at first. But, as you suggested, we’re committed at this point.

I have made some substantial changes to this forum software (which is customizable) and now appears and (to some extent) works differently than Roon’s. This was all based on user feedback. If you have any constructive feedback we might apply to this forum for our users I would love to hear it.

I agree with Elk that the basic structure and the smoothness of operation is better than anything we’ve yet had. A real step up from our older forum software. But we can always be better and that’s what I will strive to do if it is possible.

Thanks for your input and participation!


I have sent this question to the support staff to see if we can work on it or find a solution.


I am not dismissing your opinion; I am attempting to find a solution for you which meets your stated preferences. Please keep in mind I do not know the background, experience, and expertise of each user here. My responses are thus generic to whatever question has been raised. This is not intended to insult anyone’s intelligence or abilities.

You indicate you have been using this particular software “for a very long time at the Roon site,” as well as possessing extensive computer experience. This makes you a wonderful resource. Please share your expertise, especially when others here ask questions. I do my best, but you must know a great deal more than I about this software. We would all benefit from your help.

Does the Roon site have a mark all topics read in the Latest view as you would like? If not, how do you work around this to accomplish what you want?

Are there other characteristics of the Roon site you would like to see incorporated here?

As an aside I, too, was on the Internet in 1980’s academia long before it was the Internet, searching with the Gopher protocol, etc. My first computer ran CP/M. In many ways I miss the pre-WWW Internet.


I received a reply to your question. Let me know if this answers it for you.

It sounds like the user is confused about two different things.

The Last Visit line literally indicates when you last visited – so any new content (new topics or unread posts) will display above that.

Reading is indicated by a different color – see below – the topics I have read are lighter than the ones I haven’t. You can’t pretend to read by clicking into a single post, you actually have to read from top to bottom.



Thanks, Paul.

The description you received is exactly how I use the Latest tab. I click on every “dark” topic which then brings me up to date on everything on the forum. When I leave the forum, everything is light as I have looked at everything.

I assume others, instead, decide not to click on certain topics as they are of no interest to them and just leave them dark. When they next visit, they look for newly dark topics above the last time visited line in which they are interested.

I believe Speed-Racer however wants a button which turns all Latest dark topics light, as if he has actually looked at them. It is unclear to me why, but I think this is what he is describing.


I stumbled on a path that can mark everything (or at least a lot) of posts as read. I’m not sure I remember exactly how to get there, but if you click on the image at the top left of a list of posts you get some options: Select all and Clear all. If you Select all you get a image at the top right of the screen. If you click on it you can do some bulk actions. Notifications let’s you change how the topic shows up… (If you click on your avatar in the upper right you’ll see “Dismiss” in the lower right corner… That sets the already read flag on the notifications.) Somewhere I also got to a Dismiss for the selected messages but I can’t find it at the moment. See isn’t that obvious :slight_smile:


Perfectly obvious. :grin:

The select all and similar functions I found require admin rights. Even then I did not see a mark all read function.

Speed-racer indicates he has used this forum software for a very long time at the Roon site. My hope is the Roon forum does what he wants and he will tell us about it.


I’m happy with the new forum, but have a couple of minor issues that are more inconsistencies. Keep in mind I am using one of those confounding iPads.

The first is emojis, I click on the smiley face which brings up the choices in a box, I select an emoji and it goes to the bottom of the box. At this point I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do, but I tap the emoji at the bottom of the box. Sometimes it places it in my response as I want, other times it does nothing. If it fails to insert the emoji, repeat attempts sometimes work, most of the time they don’t. I’ve tried other things but nothing else seems to work. Is this an iPad issue?

The second issue is replying to a post. At least twice I have clicked the “reply” in the post, but when my reply shows up there is no indication who I was replying too. Not a big deal, but if it is a long convoluted post my post could lose context and cause some head scratching. Once again, is this an iPad issue?


No. The Roon site has the same problem. There is no easy way to mark all read and the line that shows new posts since you last last visit is inconsistent. I shouldn’t have to read everything to have it marked as read. As Elk points out, I don’t see the function to select all as I am not an admin.

If I could mark all as read, then, when I came back, the position of the line makes no difference as all new posts would be dark text and all old posts would be grey text.


I do not know about the emoji issue. This may be an iThingee issue. For me, I click on the emoji and it shows up in the text where the cursor is.

The Reply to post inconsistency actually makes sense in a way. If you reply to a specific post which is currently the end of the thread the software does not indicate to whom you are replying; it just assumes you are reply to the last post. I get it, but would prefer it if always indicted to whom you were responding.


Thanks Elk! I’ll try out my PC tomorrow, assuming there a post needing a reply and an emoji :). Your thought on replying to the last post makes sense, I’ll see how this one shows up.

Edit: Looks like you are right on the reply bit!


Selecting posts is an admin function for moving selected posts to another thread, etc. I have yet to see a mark all read option within the admin functions, but this does not mean Ted has not. :slight_smile:

Given your extensive experience with the Roon forum, were you not already aware there is no mark everything read function? What do you do on the Roon forum to work around this and to accomplish what you want?


For the Roon forum, I have a tab in my browser open to the “Latest Topics” all the time. The tab title lists how many new post there arena that view. When I go to the tab, there is a place to click that shows the new posts. It’s not ideal and I certainly don’t like it. Often that tab get closed or otherwise used and I have start all over.

I finally did some research about how Discourse (this forum software) does things. The creators have their own idea on how people should do things and have purposely not added a “Mark All Read” feature. People have asked for it and they just say “no, we don’t think you should do things that way”. What a load of crap…

I will just go on hating this forum software. Yes, it is better than what you used before…but it is not better than other solution out there, like XenForo.


I have been back to the forum at least 6 times in the last 6 hours. Yet, above, Discourse shows that thread untouched for 6 hours thread above the “last visit” line. That’s why I say the “last visit” line is useless…