"New Member" My 2 channel system

Forgive me if I have not done this correctly, I’m new to the PS Audio sight. Wanted to share my system pictures with the group.

TT: Linn LP-12, Valhalla, Ittok-II with Cards wiring & T-Kable, Adikt, Cirkus, and Tramp II,

Phono preamp: AcousTech PH-1

CDP: Ultech UCD-100

Not pictured: Nakamichi LX-5 & Teac 3300SX.

Preamp: Balanced Audio Technology VK3i. Tung sol Visseux tubes

Power Amps: Counterpoint SA220

Power Amp Backup: Balanced Audio Technology VK200 (In case the SA220 blows up…LOL)

Speakers: Hales Transcendence 8

Sub: SVS SB-13 Ultra with SVS isolation feet

Speaker cables: MIT MH-750

Center Channel: If I go there; Hales Transcendence Cinema Center

System is set up in my front room 22’ x 14’ x 8’ using PS Audio’s Audiophiles Guidebook & CD, thanks Paul!..


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