New NuWave DSD not sounding right

I recently traded a Chord Hugo DAC for a NuWave DSD for use in my computer headphone system. (I have a Direct Stream in the speaker system and love it).

At first listen the DAC sounded really good and but over time, I became aware that I was missing some bass and the sound was a bit brighter than before. Carefully re-reading some reviews I saw the reviewer at this site also ran into the same issue. His fix was better cables and some power conditioning.

I swapped in several different pairs of interconnects and plugged the amp and DAC into a Furman AC-215A to see if that would help. It didn’t make much difference.

I use either JRiver or Audirvana (I’m on a Mac) and have a Cardas USB to the NuWave.
I left my settings as they were with the Hugo.

Any suggestions?
Are there some settings in JRiver or Audiorvana that may get me better sound?

Using a Bottlehead SEX amp with Hifiman HE-560 headphones.