New Octave release (Temporary Circumstances)

Just downloaded new release on DSD and now listening to the second track (Enough) and the low frequency notes are loading my room and tingling my whole body!!! Extraordinary recording!! Can hardly wait to hear the rest of the recording!!


I got the link to Temporary Circumstances from Scott like many others.

Absolute likes:

  • the music
  • the clearness
  • the presentation
  • the available audio formats, DSD download, SACD (hybrid), 12”, 45 rpm vinyl
  • everything works on the Octave Music WEB site and is intuitive
  • the story about the recording

Minor issue, hope it’s because of the iPhone speakers:

  • sometimes the piano is too much in the foreground, I guess that is the way it sounds live when the singer sits at the opposite side of the piano

All in all very positive. I will download the DSD files and if they sound good get the other formats too, so I have a full set of PCM (Será una Noche) and DSD ( Temporary Circumstances) high quality and good sounding music files to listen to and test equipment that I am anticipating to purchase.

However PS Audio: the limitation of 1TB SSD in the Octave player is not good!

I don’t want extra boxes in my rack and USB cables, neither do I even want to think that I am running out of storage when I invested so much money in a dedicated Music server.

Please consider large internal storage options.

Octave Music like this is very good.

Ordered mine yesterday. Loved the sound bytes I listened to before ordering.

I wanted both the SACD and the Vinyl. The Vinyl release is MIA and the order option is as mentioned earlier in the thread, not functioning. This isn’t rocket science and it’s disappointing. I’m all for a subscription service where I get all releases unless I opt out. Hopefully that will become an option.

It says the SACD and Download are available but the add to cart is grayed out.

Live now. Go get ‘em!

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Yes, this is a problem and we apologize. We are still struggling to get the vinyl process down to where we are proud of the results. There have been technical difficulties transferring DSD masters to vinyl. Our chief engineer is building a custom interface to solve this problem with the mastering labs. He’s almost done but we cannot yet put our stamp on it and start taking preorders because that’s not right until we’re certain it works.

In future releases all should be available at the same time. Growing pains.

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FYI the Download option is still not possible yet - at least in Europe (but SACD now yes)

@paul Is there a possibility of a subscription service as I asked? It would give you a stream that’s guaranteed and we would be guaranteed a release.

Hi Paul

The download bundle is grayed out,

Is it possible to get the download bundle with the purchase of the SACD ?

Just ordered mine … one interesting note, after checkout there is the confirmation/thank you page and there is a picture of PS Audio, except it’s the old building. Time to update that!

I was able to order the SACD, so it’s good now. I look forward to the Vinyl release!

Ordered! Can’t wait!

Still not able to get the download, hopefully someone will post when it’s available

Ordered the bundle…Thank you :+1:

Purchased the bundle, downloaded the files, now playing the DSD file. So far, great.

Thanks! One of my all time favorite albums. Track 7, Flying Blind is nothing short of amazing on my system.

It’s available. Sorry about that.

1/3 to entire inventory of the SACD are gone. If you want to get in on this limited edition do it now.

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Listening now! Thanks