New Octave release (Temporary Circumstances)

My favorite tracks:

Long Gone - Track 6
Flying Blind - Track 7

Imo they are just beautiful…but I like songs that are slightly more melancholy.

What are your favorite tracks?

It’s hard to pick a favorite since every track is blowing me away with such reality!! I have not heard my system sounding with this level of reality since I am breaking in my new P20 with Beeswax fuse and a fully loaded Farad Super 3 power supply to the Matrix!! These new toys has brought my system to a level I have not imagine possible!! Sounds like a real performer with real instruments in the room!! The low synthesizer notes are massaging and pressurizing my ears on the second track (Enough). What sticks in my mind most is 3- Everybody, 5-On your Own , and 10- Long Gone (alt).

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Have you heard Grace Potter? Worth a listen or two. Love her voice.

Happy listening


My zip file is 5.6Gb and I am missing 44.1/16 version. Any help ?? @Paul can you provide accurate file size for download and why there is no 44.1/16 version ? Do i need to download files again?

I believe we do. You get 44.1, 96kHz, 192kHz, and the original DSD master.

Simply superb. Jessica’s voice is outstanding. Musically, a highly enjoyable album from beginning to end. The quality of the recording is stellar. About as close to having the musicians in the same room as you are going to get. Well done!

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Same here. No 44-16 files. Not that I have much use for them.

Just ordered the discs! Hopefully I’ll get it a tad bit faster than Out of thin air… :slight_smile: (lil jab there Paul…)
Was going to do the download, but I don’t fully trust downloads, plus I like cover art and something physical to hold on to. I miss that about my old Vinyl days.

No 44.1 files with my download either. Not too disappointed, but I was looking forward to having all versions to see what different people, including me, could perceive between the different resolutions of a recording with known provenance.

Hi, is there no way to solve this ? I would really appreciate, especially for point 3. After all as a customer it seems normal to get what was promised and paid for. Thanks !

Are you using a Mac or Windows machine? Are you using WinZip to unzip the files?
I didn’t have any trouble here using a Win10 machine and WinZip 24.0 Pro 64 bit. You are correct there is no 44.1 file but I’m ok with that.

Hmmmmm. Let me check with Gus.

We should be much better with delivery times this go round. Thanks for your patience and understanding on the last ne. Each release will get better as we learn the ropes. We’re just not used to shipping hundreds of orders a day.

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No worries, just keep the offerings coming. :grin:

I compared the DSD 64 with the PCM 24bit 192khz versions in my system and I had to adjust the volume because the PCM version is maybe about 6db’s lower than the DSD version. Maybe it’s the Aurender N10 I’m using that’s causing it, I don’t know.
But adjusted for the same volume, I like the DSD version more!! It’s a bit smoother with more natural harmonics! The PCM version sounded pretty close, but was a bit dryer and not quite as full sounding! This is in direct comparison only, otherwise the PCM version is fine, one of the best recordings I’ve heard!! Music is fantastic also!! I didn’t bother with the 96khz version because I’ve done that in the past with other recordings and 192khz always is much better, no contest, so I don’t want to waste my time.

Listened to the samples on my iPhone. Will be downloading soon.

DSD allows for more volume than PCM in that it can go above 0dBFS.

Interesting! That explains why DSD is louder, but I don’t understand why DSD sounds a little smoother and more natural since as far as resolution goes, they are about equal. Maybe it’s how they are processed?
I never got a chance to compare the two formats before since I never bought the same recording twice in each format, but this DSD is impressive!!

Many find PCM’s leading edges to possess more energy, while DSD is softer, gentler, laid back.

This is precisely how I have always felt about PCM vs DSD, which is why I don’t get all the fuss about DSD recordings. It’s as if I would be sitting in the front row listening to PCM vs few rows back with DSD, though it’s likely due to personal preference.