New PS Audio speakers?

And the Sprout speaker? You said you sell 20-30 Sprouts a day…that’s a lot of potential Sprout speaker sales…

20-30 A DAY??

That’s a FANTASTIC business. I had no idea they were THAT popular. That being said I fear I may be losing my Sprout to a child who has been besmitten with it. “I tried listening to headphones last night dad, and it wasn’t enough. I had to turn them off”. “Try your headphones through the Sprout”. “Ohhhhh…”


Yeah, that’s what Paul stated in a vid he did not too long ago. Not sure if those numbers were a guess or not. But still…could sell a lot of Sprout speakers with all that…

Hope you can keep your Sprout. I have mine in the den as a second system (with Martin Logan 35XT’s). I just love the Sprout. Maybe buy him his own?

Any picture or mock of the new, new AN3? I tried to picture them in my living room and the only thing I could come up with, is they would have been easier to place if they were slimmer in relation to their depth, albeit making them less deep while side mounting a big subwoofer is kind of difficult.

There are some photos under the title “Sneak Peek new AN3”
(I tried to copy & paste the link to Paul’s post, but the system would not allow it)

Is this the link?

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When are the Stellar bookshelf speakers coming out?

That’s an excellent question. Sprout speaker too,

and dang, after 1900+ posts on this thread…it just kinda stopped.

Progress has been slowed dramatically by all this craziness, but still, we should have gotten farther along by now than we have. We have been working in parallel with the smaller speakers as well as the FR-30. All the new drivers and their associated tooling etc. arrive today!! Woo Hoo. But, it’ll still be near end of summer before we get to see anything on any front.

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The proof will be in the listening, which, without a dealer network may prove difficult & more than a little inconvenient with the larger models. Especially now that Audio Shows (not a very good option in the first place) may no longer an option at all.

That’s a fair point Paul…things be a bit weird right now. It’s slowing everything down.

Afraid I don’t share your opinion/agree with the stated premise (except for your observation about shows not generally being a good place to audition speakers)…

I don’t think I would ever buy a pair of speakers in the price ranges expected for the new PS Audio line without first trying them in my own home. I have rarely heard speakers that impressed me in dealer set ups. (Maybe I have just not been able to visit the right shops?) I believe Paul has promised free, in-home trials so the only inconvenience will be getting the speakers to a place for return shipping pick up if they don’t impress.


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I bought my last two pair of speakers online, no idea how they were going to sound. I bought Wilson’s and I had a sense that they would be okay. And after reading Paul’s book I had to know what his Genesis speakers sound like so I bought a pair on eBay. I each case I was very pleased with the sound. The Genesis speakers surprised me with just how much fun they are to listen to.

I guess I would be fine ordering another pair of his speakers… :slight_smile:

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Agree, the best way by far, and many will take advantage of the opportunity. Large heavy floorstanders, allowing for the possibility of deciding not to keep them, might give pause to the not so young & not so strong among us; this will limit opportunities to make a sale.

I think that PS Audio will have thought this one through. There may be some accommodations that they’ll have to potentially offer to make this work. I for one have bought speakers without hearing them in my home or at all. Like aangen I bought Wilson’s sight unseen and ears unheard.


I certainly hope the entire speaker line is a big success. We all want PS Audio be be around for a very long time.


Can’t wait to see more info on speakers once they are ready for release. Hoping that ribbon midrange and tweeters make it into several models.

I bought all my line arrays sight unseen. But they were all Roger Russell speakers. But picked them up in person. If the designers have the chops. They don’t release products not ready for sale.

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Absolutely. It makes no sense for people to buy them and pray they work in the home. Speakers are tough. They have to work aesthetically, they have to work sonically in the room they are intended for. Dealers can give you an inkling but not much more. The chances of duplicating in your own home what you hear in a dealer showroom are slim to non-existent. I am convinced there is really only one way to go and that is take them home, set them up, and live with them for a month. We’re going to make that easy.


Is this try at home idea going to be US only or are you bringing it to the rest of the world?