New PS Audio speakers?


Agreed. Once you’ve heard Oskar Heil inspired tweeters, you can’t go back to dome tweeters :wink:


I’m curious about the sudden onslaught of AMT/Heil “like” drivers showing up on speakers from lots of manufacturers. Did a patent recently expire? If so, it’s kind of amazing that something so superior was pretty much off the market for years.


There was mention of an expired patent in a GoldenEar Triton speaker review:

Ever since 1982, when Celestion introduced the SL-6 loudspeaker with its copper-dome tweeter, metal-dome tweeters have dazzled audiophiles with their faux clarity and high-definition effects. But when ( ca 2005?) the patents ran out on Dr. Heil’s Air Motion Transformer, a whole slew of inspired speaker-makers were quickly up and running with their own variations, more than happy to adopt the AMT’s smoother, more softly detailed elegance. Sandy Gross has made the AMT technology the axis mundi of his GoldenEar line.

My old man (dad) still uses ESS Fortura’s with the Heil AMT tweeters and it still blows away all dome tweeters I’ve heard up to now (to my ears obviously).

And those tweeters are over 40 years old… !

When he’s had enough of them, I plan to convert those speakers to fully active one day, with DSP crossover. The tweeters are in top shape and the woofers were replaced with ESS approved replacements very recently. That will be a fun project one day.


Good question…At least in the DIY market they were always present.


A follow up sacrificial oriented question. If the P15 is not enough for the aforementioned proposed setup, what items would you recommend I not plug into the P15 first. This question is another way of asking what products in your line you think benefit the most from the DS PowerPlants. Always respect your position and understand this might not be a fair question.


I would not plug the AN2 speakers in. The BHK products you have as well as the DAC really need that Power Plant. I would now trade that for improving the woofer amplifiers in the AN2.


Since you don’t suggest plugging them into the Plant, and that aspect of the AN is internally amped, seems like either an internal or external power solution of some sort would be cool, so the woofers have their own optimized power feeds.


Paul, I was excited to view the top portion of your new IRS Killer in the Youtube video. One thing really struck me like a bolt of lightning, the wood color, which appears to be almost identical to the made in China Polk Audio LSiM 703, 705 and 707, which is suppose to be a Mount Vernon Cherry, but looks more like tangerine orange paint. The only other color available on the Polks is a Midnight Mahogany, which is nothing but black, neither of the Polk finishes has any wood grain, which kept me from purchasing a pair, even at half price, as they run their sales once each year. Their speakers scream China, China, I’m made in China. As you folks are putting lots of time and effort into this speaker line, it would be so very nice for you to offer different veneers, such as rosewood, mahogany, ash, rosenut, as well as painted finishes, like Wilson Audio. The orange color in that Youtube video looks almost identical to the Polk finish, orange. Some of the folks in the forums say you are trying to meet a price point, but I really wanted to get my two cents in about this color and the possibility of your at least offering these architectural veneers, they would be stunning. Aerial has done well with a base cabinet color and options in beautiful veneers at a more premium price. In my case I purchased the Aerial 10T many years ago in Sontos Rosewood, and they are stunning, I use them with your Direct Stream DAC and SACD Memory player every day! So, everyone has an opinion, and I can just picture that speaker in the video in a rosewood or rosenut color, it would be stunning, a thing of beauty, and I hope you will consider my suggestion.



The speakers we’ll make won’t look much like Arnie’s because Arnie’s is actually a prototype housed in a Genesis 6.0 speaker and yes, it is painted orange.

Ours will have a black painted finish on the body with wood veneer trip panels that customers can choose from. Over time we can offer some pretty cool choices for the trim woods.


I imagine they were painted orange as, being small, they could otherwise be easily overlooked.


Hah! Or, perhaps they were built near halloween.


The new AN-3 drawings are finished and these will represent the actual cabinets and driver arrangement sent to the manufacturer for the building of the first prototypes. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of design work went into these but finally they are ready to be built. At least one pair of them so we can get started on the final product. You can see by the base picture there will be included roller feet that are easily retractable.




If you haven’t already viewed, the down load version is spectacular.




Very nice looking! I’m sure it was stated previously but I couldn’t find the answer quickly, how tall are these? I tried scaling off the mid-bass woofer (8”?) and got around 52”.


Paul, if they sound as great they look you have a winner there. Very elegant !!


Paul - Have you guys modeled the LF behavior of the roller feet?


I think about 48” maybe a little more.


Thanks! I too love the way they look. Now we just gotta get it to sound good. Er…great.