New PS Audio speakers?


Nope. We built these first with the idea of what we wanted. Next will be to see if it works.


Really nice now! Still have to get accustomed to the higher front than back, but really well done in many details! The slight curvatures make it classy.

So if you put it on the rolls and play loud bass tracks with the single side firing woofer, does it travel? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just kidding

I like the relation of depth to height of the small one. Should at least be so for my esthetic.


Paul - OK, yeah, could see them vibrating if not isolated properly with the woofer so close. The idea is really cool. I had to put my SF Guareni Evolution book shelf w/ stands speakers (100+ lbs each) on a towel to drag them on the wood floor. So, yeah, the idea would be great, especially for speakers weighing a lot.


Nice design overall. It’s a nice blend of classic and modern styling.

I’m not sure why, but the dark grey speakers against the black front panel bugs me. They should be really blended or well contrasted.


Thanks. We’re pretty pleased with it’s looks. Lots of work by our up and coming industrial designer Chet Roe.


The industrial designer job must be nice more often than not…I think… at least it’s on my list what I would have liked to do if I was more skilled :wink: First on this list is good musician…but no chance either…


Congratulations Poul now comes the fun part. Which measuring equipment, etc., you use for development.
It looks great Paul and I look forward to hearing your new models of loudspeakers: there are probably three customers who have written up in advance in Denmark for the big ones, I can read about the debate about your speakers in Denmark.


Paul, I amended my previous post. I meant to say great ! I think I have read too many UK - HiFi Magazines; where they never appear to be overly enthralled and award with miserly low percentage ratings. Even if every other publication world wide is in complete agreement that the product is the height of perfection - rated in the high 90s, over here the British HiFi comic writers award with a meager 86% - 88%. I don’t know if you have noticed ?


Since reviews are all subjective it doesn’t matter what the value is - as long as the publication (s) keep the individual ratings relative to their overall the result is fine.
Don’t try to compare the value number between the USA publications to European publications.


Hi Paul
Will there be various finishes available? The ones shown, as displayed here look like a dark burl finish which might limit them in modern room decor.


I do realise that. Being honest I seldom take stock with a magazine review. Often wonder why the hell I buy them …


They have their place (and it’s not the bin!). I find the ones that bench test the products as well as subjective reviews are good. The rest that only undertake subjective reviews I read but place less weight on.


Brings to mind what a modern day version of the AR9’s would look like…I loved those speakers.


Here’s some new renderings of the AN1 which will be the 7.5 foot tall flagship. Note the side mounted heat sinks on the bottom. These will serve as the heat reduction agents of the multiple servo power amplifiers for the 6 woofers in this beast. Still just renderings at this point but getting closer.


Great looking!

I wonder how rigid the side walls have to be for that many bass drivers so that they don’t vibrate too much … they must be really thick and braced.


I, too, have been wondering how the speaker’s performance is addressed while working on how it looks.


We’ve all had direct experience or demo of loudspeaker footers improving the sound thru vibration isolation. I love the idea and engineeing effort of the AN products but, yeah, lots of moving drivers to contend with …opposing cone movement cancelling vibration notwithstanding.


The walls are 1" thick HDF and then internally braced. The side panels are yet another inch and a half thick.

Elks question is a good one. The way we design is to put as much planning and mental energy into a product as we possibly can - to think through all the possible traps of getting what we want and anticipating obvious pitfalls.

Once that’s done we then build prototypes and roll our sleeves up to find what problems we missed or what problems we generated from the approach we took. It’s an arduous process, one I should probably write a blog post about.


It must have been huge fun to design such products. I love it in the limited range I do such things…even more than when it’s completely finished.


This would make a great blog post. It appears one does everything you can in the design stage, and then there is prototype reiteration while one makes efforts to improve the product.

A lot of work.