New PS Audio speakers?


Was is Yogi Berra who said:

“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.”

An automotive engineer I knew always said that it take three prototypes . . .


Looks great, but isn’t the cabinet volume quite small for those woofers? Will there be issues with the woofers being so high-set?

The footprint of the base is larger than that of the actual speaker, so that gives you some room if you need to flare them out towards the bottom, I suppose.


I looked into this quote some tie ago. It is actually quite old and existed before Yogi was born. I had hoped it was Einstein, being a theoretical physicist, but he is also not the source.


Beautiful design Paul…!

Suggestion…buy back the rights for the Infinity name. Harman doesn’t make use of it anyway.
Cause these speakers really are/will be modern, evolved and refined Infinity’s. Right…:wink:…?


The side mounted heat sinks look gracefull. Aesthetically to my eyes the speakers are no longer just imposing at 7 + feet, which is an awesome characteristic in itself, they are beautifully designed. There is a classic look to these speakers that will catch the eye of so many.


The volume doesn’t matter in a servo system. You just throw more power at it. We’ll see how the woofers work. With their very long waves their height shouldn’t;t matter but that’s theory talking. Which is why we design with theory and then the actual work starts.


Wouldn’t that be a hoot! Great idea but they use it on a lot of cars.


Thanks! Yes, we labored long and hard over integrating those heat sinks and then figuring out a way to have them easily serviceable in the field. Our designer, Chet Roe, did a great job.


Kudos to Chet Roe, beautiful design.


I agree that PS Infinity is a great name for the speakers …still with respect to AN.


I wouldn’t do it.
AN is in respect of Arnie…and PSA has its own reputation. It makes sense when a Chinese investor buys a name like Voigtländer to continue to produce in a well known name (sorry this was for those who know this name out of photography)

Edit: in fact Voigtländer rights were sold (among others) to Cosina/Japan, so no Chinese, wrong memory :wink:


The first fancy camera I ever owned was a Voigtländer and I loved it. Thanks for the memory.

    1. Stick w/ AN.


Beautiful! Is there an “outboard” DSP black box planned for integrating/managing lower frequencies – or something similar inside the speakers? (Sorry if I missed previous threads addressing this.) In any event, I am looking forward to reviews of production models.



Holllllyyyy shiiiitttt. Beautiful! Well done. It’s been very interesting to see the industrial design evolve. I like where this ended up. The side firing woofers and slimmer design are definitely more aesthetically pleasing, but I hope this still makes sense from a sonic engineering perspective. I also think the interchangeable side “skins” are a terrific idea. Some in this forum have said they think the burled wood veneer looks like “grandpa style”, but I think they are just about ideal for my taste. Of course, various solid painted colors can be cool to (white, silver, black, graphite, etc).


@Paul The giant AMT driver for the midrange is very intriguing. Why are you planning to use a ribbon for the tweeter instead of another AMT? Just curious.


The DSP will be built into the speaker and you’ll access it from the listening position likely using just your phone but we haven’t yet figured out those details.


Thanks. I like it as well and yes, now the challenge comes to make this beauty sing in the way we want without too many changes. Sound quality comes first so we’ll see if we did well or not.


We’re working on a new AMT tweeter as well. We’ll compare the two. The original Nudell reference has both a ribbon midrange and tweeter but Arnie had always wanted an AMT instead.