New SGCD doesn’t diplay resolution on usb input

I installed the PS Audio driver for pc but when I play Qobuz through Roon is just displays what digital filter is selected. No information about the file resolution is shown. I tested other playback methods and nothing shows. Coax inputs work, shows pcm 16/44 from my squeeze box classic. Am I missing something?


Welcome, Stu!

Thanks Elk!

Aside from the the display issue I am enjoying the preamp so far. Hope I can find a fix to the problem.


The SGCD displays the PCM sample rate on the Coax inputs. And as I learned when playing playing back non DVD-Audio discs (which correctly display the PCM sample rate), it defaults to a 48kHz sample rate thanks to copy protection on my Sony Universal Disc Player. You are at the mercy of your PC’s software GUI when playing via USB.

I do not have a I2S compatible disc drive/player so I can’t comment on that input.